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The Quest For A Morning Star | for the victims of 30.11

It’s been almost two weeks now, since the tragedy which killed and critically hospitalised many friends, clients, collaborators people I knew.At this moment… there are 50 dead people while many others are in hospitals in critical condition and sadly, that number of dead people is rising daily…so by the time you read this, some information may already be out of date.

I decided to help these people, as are all close to my heart, on all possible channels, so, because I received so much international support I decided to release this compilation, entitled “The Quest For A Morning Star”. All proceeds from the sales will be donated to help with medical bills and funeral expenses of those who have been affected by the fire.

I want to thank all the great musicians who have taken part in these soundtracks Rune Eriksen, David Tibet, Attila Csihar, Mirai Kawashima, Kimmo Helen, Adrei Ionut and Tudor Diaconescu – for their immediate response and support in making this compilation possible and available for fundraising. The love and support that’s out there in the international metal scene is unbelievable. I want to thank everybody who has helped out, from the bottom of my heart. As for the music, I started to create this music back in 2011, for a personal project, not directly related to metal music/artwork. When working on this type of project, I like to include the audible space as well as the visual in my work. So, all this music is extremely personal to me, and many of these soundtracks have never been released before. The spirituality of the works makes it feel quite natural for them to be released for a humanitarian purpose like this.

SHORT STORY OF EVENTS : On October 30, local band, Goodbye to Gravity were celebrating the release of their second album at the nightclub when the tragedy occurred. The fire has already claimed the lives of 50 victims, but that number is rising daily, with more than one hundred further people in hospital, many in critical conditions. In a tight knit rock/metal community the shockwaves have been massive; musicians, fans, photographers, engineers, security have all become victims of this terrible tragedy.

 photo The Quest For A Morning Star costin chioreanu_zpsqsvst67y.jpg


Chapter I – Soundtrack for “Where Purgatory Ends” exhibition 2011
Music composed by Costin Chioreanu and Rune Eriksen (Blasphemer – Aura Noir, Twilight Of The Gods)
Mixed by Costin Chioreanu
Mastered by Marius Costache

Costin Chioreanu – guitar, fx,piano
Rune Eriksen – guitar, fx, percussion, piano
Andrei Ionut – bass
Tudor Diaconescu – violin

1. Absent Abstract Above
2. An Empire Beneath Oblivion
3. Phanthasma And The Midnight Stalker

Chapter II – Soundtrack for “Too Late For rainbows” exhibition 2012
Music composed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Costin Chioreanu (guitar, bass, fx)

4. Ihwaz

Chapter III – Soundtrack for “There Are No Shadows On Our Maps” exhibition 2012
Music composed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Costin Chioreanu (guitar, bass, fx)

5. A Storm Shall Take The Words Away

Chapter IV – Soundtrack for “Outside The Great Circle” art movie 2013
Music composed by Costin Chioreanu
Lyrics by Costin Chioreanu & David Tibet
Mixed by Costin Chioreanu
Mastered by Attila Csihar

Attila Csihar (Mayhem) – vox
David Tibet – vox
Mirai Kawashima (Sigh) – keyboards
Kimmo Helen (Hexvessel) – violin, fx
Costin Chioreanu – guitar, fx

6. Outside The Great Circle

Chapter V – Soundtrack for “Magic As A Golden Mean Soundtrack” presentation movie 2015
Music composed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Costin Chioreanu (guitar, fx)


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Vulture Industries | Blood on the trail | Official Video

This is the video I directed and filmed for Vulture Industries – “Blood On The Trail” – completely filmed in Bergen, Norway.
Please note all images are native – from the camera – no lens flare, no bullshit added in post production! Filmed with just one camera while two nice ladies were manipulating the lights.

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Bloodway | Mapping the Moment With The Logic Of Dreams | series

This is it, the complete series of illustrations I did for my band Bloodway. “Mapping the Moment With The Logic Of Dreams” is a full album, released as 20 booklet pages jewelcase cd, where everything is handmade, even the band picture.

twilight13media's Mapping The Moment With The Logic Of Dreams album on Photobucket
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Out in tour!

Yep, from today I am in tour with Valborg (Germany) and Perihelion (Hungary). My band Bloodway will play the entire new album, at every show scheduled in this tour.
See ya!

 photo Bloodway poster costin chioreanu_zpsaetzuduv.jpg

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Stone Cold Dead | Lava Flows | Front cover

This illustration was created to serve as front cover for the album Stone Cold Dead – “Lava Flows”. It is mixed media based on handmade black ink illustration.
The album was produced and engineered by George Bokos while mixing and mastering was handled by Vasilis Gouvatsos at Grindhouse Studio Athens.

“Lava Flows” line-up:
George Bokos: guitars, vocals
Charis Pazaroulas: contrabass, electric bass
Yannis Stavropoulos: drums I.STONE (studio only)
Dimitrios Dorian (Vorskaath): drums II.COLD
George Kollias Official: drums III.DEAD (studio only)

 photo Stone Cold Dead Lava Flows Costin Chioreanu_zpskk0diie3.jpg

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Bloodway | Mirror Twins | Official video

This is the new video made for my band, Bloodway. This time, is only about the story. And the story was so important for us that we went 1500 km to reach these locations for filming. I know nowadays everything (or more straight: “success” ?! – what the hell means that?!) is “based” on the way you present things. Even since Academy Of Arts I was told that the way you put it is more important than what you put outhere. Well, I never enjoyed to do this, strangely and mostly when it comes to the most important projects I’ve made. I feel there is totally retard for me to stand and explain “somehow smart” what I did there. Maybe I over consumed my energy for doing it? And each of you has a particular an unique perception of things and in order to reach the core of the information I am transmitting through my channel, you need no influence from my side. Only then is just you and the information, alone, in the infinite chamber of your mind. And only then my information can have a sense. From an Universal relaxed point of view, as long as we are doing things accordingly totally to our hearts and instincts, I guess we don’t need PR AT ALL:)))

Story and video by Costin Chioreanu
Characters: Crina Cristina Marian, Alexandra Victoria Dragu, Ghita Alexandru Adrian
Filmed by Costin Chioreanu, Gina Sandulescu, Ghita Alexandru Adrian
Make up by Gina Sandulescu

“Mirror Twins” is the second single from the album “Mapping The Moment With The Logic Of Dreams”, to be released by I,voidhanger records on 25th of September 2015.

The album will be released as a ltd jewel case CD with 20-page booklet, fully illustrated and complete with lyrics.

Preorders available HERE

Follow Bloodway:

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Anders Bjorler | Dreaming of insomnia | Front cover

Anders Björler released an old demo he wrote prior to the ANTIKYTHERA album in 2013 and I was super happy to illustrate it. Strangely, as in case of the debut album, this time the creation process was magic as well, and I really love so much the result!

 photo Anders Bjorler Dreaming of insomnia costin chioreanu artwork_zpsxeylz62z.jpg

Remixed by Tue Madsen.
Handmade illustration / mixed media.

02. DREAMING OF INSOMNIA – feat. Anders Gabrielson

Available digitally on Spotify, Itunes, Google Play, Amazon & 100s of more platforms.


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Akral Necrosis | Marchosias | Split cover

This was a bit crazy project, as the core idea of the artwork is coming from the bands. It is a split album with two romanian black metal realted bands, Akral Necrosis and Marchosias. The split is called “(inter)SECTION” and it will be released very soon as a jewelcase cd version.

 photo Akral Necrosis Marchosias Costin Chioreanu split cover_zpsjieioqjw.jpg

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Crimson Nights | Poster

So, here is another artwork related to the Norwegian prog scene. This time is about the first piece of a series made under the name “Crimson Nights”. The first edition is featuring Krakow, Seven Impale and Shaman Elephant. I guess the next editions will be presented by the same Propulsion & Revelations music and the venue will remain the same – the legendary Garage from Bergen. Enjoy!

 photo Poster Krakow norway costin chioreanu_zpszp20otbl.jpg

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Rendezvous Point | Solar Storm

This is an illustration I like so much. It was made for Rendezvous Point – “Solar Storm” front cover. Album will be released on Karisma Records on the 2nd October.
Check out the band HERE.

“With musicians who first met when they were studying music at the University of Agder, and who have gone on to play in some of the top bands in Norway, RENDEZVOUS POINT’s lineup includes Geirmund Hansen on vocals, Baard Kolstad on drums (LEPROUS, BORKNAGAR, ICS VORTEX), Petter Hallaråker on guitar (ICS VORTEX, SOLEFALD), Nicolai Tangen Svennæs on keyboards (EMILIE NICOLAS) and Gunn-Hilde Erstad on bass. Many will, in fact, recognise Hansen from his appearance on the Norwegian edition of The Voice.” Text by Patricia Thomas

 photo Rendezvous Point Solar Storm costin chioreanu_zpsend6d9x6.jpg