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Trencadis | Odelagt | LTD Tshirt

Nattramn formed this industrial ambient project in 1995 and recorded one demo in Ljungby roughly a year after it´s birth. HAL released “Ödelagt” on compact disc in 2012 and the limited run of 300 copies sold out immediately. “Ödelagt” consists of one 21 minute song recorded in Mono under rough circumstances. 20 earth years have passed and Trencadis remains relevant as the beginning of Nattramn´s artistic and spiritual journey.

The music could be described as watching over a cold desolate landscape while musically grounded in the sounds and atmospheres of artists such as early Mortiis and the ambient works of Burzum.

This is the tshirt design I made for a very limited edition of tshirts, so if you want to have one of these special items, you should act very fast.

 photo trencadis tshirt Nattramn by costin chioreanu_zps1cgg8zha.jpg

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Roadburn festival 2016 | posters

Here is the selection of bands I did this year and at the same time the collection of posters I created for them. Like every year, each poster will be available in 50 copies at the festival and that’s it, no reprints. Enjoy!

 photo Paradise Lost Roadburn poster 2016 costin chioreanu_zpsrgt9q13q.jpg

 photo Tau Cross Roadburn poster 2016 costin chioreanu_zpsohs186kn.jpg

 photo Misthornyrming Roadburn poster 2016 costin chioreanu_zps2frhpqn6.jpg

 photo Green Carnation Roadburn poster 2016 costin chioreanu_zpsrnisdbmh.jpg

 photo Inverloch Roadburn poster 2016 costin chioreanu_zpsgshoonva.jpg

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Eucharist | Merc design

I am very happy to present you some merch design for the legendary Swedish melodic death metal act Eucharist !!! (actually a redrawing of an ancient art, lost in the fog of time (the 1992 1st Demo artwork – the design for white tshirt) and the Velvet Creation – reinterpretation of the original album front cover. All models available via their facebook page HERE.

 photo Eucharist merch by costin chioreanu_zpsqnzcxbms.jpg

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Art & Music | An Indelible Link

Thank you so much Roadburn festival for inviting me to be a part of “Art & Music: An Indelible Link” Art Panel, together with these 3 fantastic artists! Cool to be on the same size of Converge and Neurosis on a flyer :))) At least with that drawing :))

Official press release:
Art & Music: An Indelible Link
Owner of Season of Mist and Graphic Noise, Michael Berberian will be talking to a panel of highly regarded and critically acclaimed artists as they explore the link between the music and the artwork that represents it, in the form of album artwork, merchandise and poster art.

Does the music inform the artwork, or do they exist entirely as separate entities? Do our artists have requirements before agreeing to work with a band? We explore the creative process with Becky Cloonan, Arik Roper, Costin Chioreanu, and Kim Holm.

Roadburn Festival takes place between 14 – 17 April 2016 at the 013 venue, in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

 photo Roadburn art panel costin chioreanu 2016_zpsqnpfsoxy.jpg

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Perihelion | Hold

Yes, sometimes I like to paint traditionally, as I did in this case, for the front cover of the Hungarian post-black metal / avantgarde rock band Perihelion and their new Ep entitled “Hold”. The cd will be out on 20th May through Apathia Records. Preorders available HERE.

Perihelion Hold

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Heavy Metal magazine TV | Interview

Friday, 1st of April, from 9PM to 10 PM one hour video interview can be seen on www.radio3net.ro This was the very first video we ever had in Romania back in the 90s, done by the same great guy who influenced my childhood with his printed magazine. Yep, almighty Lenţi Chiriac from the legendary HEAVY METAL MAGAZINE. Great to see interest for my band and for my activity from him! It was a real pleasure! Yep, years passed and now there is no metal on TV, so the show got online. But it still rocks and is still PRO like nobody else. Don’t miss it a chance to see me talking only in Romanian hahahahaha. There will be also a selection of videos during the show 😀 THANX LENTI!

For who will miss the show, it should be uploaded later HERE.

Costin Chioreanu Heavy Metal Magazine

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Dishearten | Portal Of Anatolia

Here is the front cover I made for Dishearten – “Portal Of Anatolia”. Like always, is an handmade illustration / mixed media. Strangely or not, Dishearten is playing avantgarde black metal and they are from Turkey. Check them out HERE.

Dishearten Portal Of Anatolia by Costin Chioreanu

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Enslaved 25 | London by Norse Documentary

We could stay and simply enjoy London and concerts and we could enjoy obviously way more sleep, but being serious metal fans we considered this is a very important moment which needs to be recorded. So…with some zombie hands I am typing now: here it it, a 12 minutes documentary I did with Gina about Enslaved’s 25th anniversary at London by Norse. I am glad that Nuclear Blast promoted it, as it turned out pretty good, at least from the journalistic point of view. After all this heavy metal journalism got born…out of pure passion. Right? Enjoy! \m/

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Spiritual Beggars | Dark Light Child

This video…turned out to be really personal story wise….for those who want to see….

Spiritual Beggars Dark Light Child by Costin Chioreanu

SPIRITUAL BEGGARS – Dark Light Child (OFFICIAL VIDEO). Taken from the album “Sunrise To Sundown”. Inside Out Music 2016.

Get “Sunrise To Sundown” in its various physical formats from the IOM webshop HERE.

A bundle version with a special shirt can be obtained from EMP here:
CD + Shirt

Or order the album digitally here:

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London by Norse | At Norwegian ambassador’s residence

This was a very special moment – the amazing reception at the Norwegian ambassador’s residence in London. It was a huge honor for a die hard fan of the northern culture to be invited at such intimate gathering… Strangely (?) I felt like home around many of these old and new friends. To see and hear Einar Selvik playing few verses from Völuspá, on his lyre was beyond ……….. Thank you very much for this Simon Füllemann and Marius Bakke.

Norwegian embassy London by Norse