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Interview | Cult Artes

This was a very special interview, and I really want to thank to Nicolae Baldovin for this very interesting discussion.
For reading the interview in English version, CLICK HERE.

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Diagnose: Lebensgefahr | Transformalin | finally on LP

Diagnose: Lebensgefahr – Transformalin – 2LP, Gatefold, 16 pages vinyl-size booklet, printed innersleeves!
Limited edition 500 handnumbered copies.
250x copies on bone-white & brown vinyl
250x copies on bone-white & brown vinyl with red & black splatters.

The eighth edition of this legendary album and for the 1st time on so frequently asked VINYL! Finally! And now with 3 exclusive unreleased tracks! Not absolutely new tracks, no, as it would disrupt the atmosphere of album, all sounds are from the original session which you will be able to hear instantly in the “new” songs. They definitely hold the atmosphere and overall sound of “Transformalin” and should not be seen as left over material from the recording but rather as good ideas which were re-visited and finalized in 2014 now the standing in the right place. “Transformalin” never sounded more complete than on this 2LPs!

A few short comments from HAL about unheard tracks:
“Utsikt Ifrån Botten”, translates to “View from the ocean floor” – a song, which many listeners have searched for, but never found before. Some true followers may find the ending quite familiar as this is the sound you hear when visiting www.diagnoselebensgefahr.com , the very first song ever written by Diagnose: Lebensgefahr.
“Obducenten Har Vaknat”, translates to “Mortician´s Awakening” – this is the BROTHER song of “Obducentens Dröm” (Mortician´s Dream) from the “Transformalin” album.
“När Livet Slås Sönder”, translates to “As Life Is Smashed To Pieces” – the final chapter of this complete album version. A journey of craziness, sickness, anxiety, epilepsi, blank empty eyes and the haunting MOTHER.
Words are not enough to describe the visceral feelings that Transformalin delivers, but this sound-therapy will cure your soul or make you total sick!
This project’s sole member is Nattramn, whose ‘Death—Pierce Me’ album under the project name Silencer stand as defining work in the suicidal black metal movement. Diagnose: Lebensgefahr is significantly different from either, though, and should not be considered a black metal album as such. For the first time this album blew up the world in 2007 and now it’s still one of the most interesting works on current scene.
Transformalin is a bleak voyage through related genres, particularly dark ambient, power electronics, martial and noise-influenced industrial, with black metal serving as the filter that taints and completes them. Consequently, ‘Transformalin’ is a jarring experience that can be harshly rhythmic at one moment and the next dive into unmetered, dragging ambience, while still others draw on martial cadences and horn reveries that echo in the background. Though mostly instrumental, he does provide ‘narration’ from time to time with primarily clean vocals that range from manically impassioned to psalm-tone catatonia.

This is a really special vinyl edition, with tones of art inside…so do not miss the chance to get one of these.
For more information CLICK HERE.

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OLD GRAVE FEST | 2015 poster

Yeah, new poster and brand new handmade logo for the upcoming 4th edition of OLD GRAVE FEST. It will eb a big party in Bucharest, so do not miss it, as a lot of surprises are left to be announced!!!

More Information HERE.

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“For the first time avantgarde metallers Vulture Industries and graphic artist Costin Chioreanu will come together on stage. The Babylon Spiral combines the atmosphere and aesthetics of the Expressionist Cinema of 1920’s Germany with the intensity and eeriness of a Vulture Industries concert. Using specially designed stage props, actively manipulated by the artist throughout the show, the concert will draw the audience on a journey through time.

The collaboration between Vulture Industries and Costin Chioreanu grew from a mutual admiration between the two sets of artists. The first stop on the journey happened on the third VI album “The Tower”, and was followed by the animation video “Lost Among Liars”. We are now approaching the summit of our collaboration and you are invited to ascend with us.
For the first time in Oslo, Costin Chioreanu will present an exhibition of his selected artworks. The exhibition will be hosted at Kulturhuset exclusively for the Inferno Metal festival. Costin is a Romanian graphic artist and musician, and is renowned for his work with major acts such as At The Gates, Mayhem, Ihsahn, Ulver, Virus, Vulture Industries, Dordeduh and many others.”
Press Release by Inferno Festival, Norway.

Well, what can I say?! I am super excited about this collaboration, which will expand my experience at many levels. Also, I am super happy to be able to build up such a complex concept with artists which are on the very same spot! This gives me wings and hope! So, if you come at Inferno Festival, do not miss this, as you can see from the poster I made for this special event…we really push everything at max with this show and exhibition!

More info HERE.

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Best Metal Artwork of 2014

Well, thank you very much Hellbound.ca! I really appreciate the words from this article and I am glad to see someone picking this special piece as the best of 2014. :)
You are very kind! Thank you!


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Dirty Shirt | Dirtylicious

Well, it seems that sometimes I can be also less dark than normal. This is a cover for a Romanian band called Dirty Shirt. It will be a very complex and intense album which unite forces of traditional Romanian music with metal music. So, I needed to go with my mind into another space in order to create…this. If you want to check out the band, click HERE.

 photo DirtyShirtDirtyliciousbyCostinChioreanu_zps906ff28c.jpg

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Bitch Finder | artwork

Well, first of all, Happy New Year everyone! This is the first artwork I present in 2015 and it is an mixed media based on handmade illustration which i made for Bitch Finder’s (Death Metal / Crust – Taiwan) debut album. You can check out the band HERE.

 photo BitchFinderbyCostinChioreanu_zpsa62cbaf3.jpg

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Ecocide | Metamorphosis

This is most probably the last artwork I will present in 2014. It was made for the Dutch band Ecocide, to illustrate their upcoming opus, entitled “Metamorphosis”. I really wanted to push a bit the limits of visual expression on the great field of horror and to twist it… a bit more. You can check out the band HERE.

 photo Ecocide-MetamorphosisbyCostinChioreanu_zpse2177bfa.jpg

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Triptykon | tshirt design

I am super happy to make this public!! This is my tshirt design made officially for the almighty Triptykon !!! This is a huge honor for me, so if you like the design, you can order it HERE. Or, who will be happy and catch them on tour, of course, thsi will be for sale at the concerts as well! The design can be found in their official store also as a Hoodie!

 photo Triptykontshirt2014costinchioreanu_zpsf6e2de25.jpg

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A story

Ok, this is a very personal message, to many of you. It is a very short story about me in the last 3 months. I am not complaining here, I am just explaining. It is of course, not the worst story in the world, is just a story. It is all about understanding and happiness. Even both of these concepts can have various ways of fulfilling our perception…here is not a topic about these differences. So, in the end of this short presentation I would like to add something: Even there are some ironical elements, this is not a joke. This is real and this movie is also maybe the first “something” I create out of a negative situation, to present the positive side of it. I consider the observation and analysis of negative moments, elements or situations in this world, materialized using art of any kind, being not to useful, if you really want to go on living in this world. To agitate your anger about any kind of stuff which apparently steal your happiness will not making things better.