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Best of 2015 by Loudwire

I have 3 covers included on the best hard rock + metal album covers of 2015 by! Thank you! Who said that working on many projects is slowing down the quality? :)
Check out the article HERE.

 photo Arcturus Arcturian Costin Chioreanu_zpswlaqdi6e.jpg
 photo Trial_Vessel_Costin_Chioreanu l_zpsp0ouwp0o.jpg
 photo Grave_Out-of-Respect-for-the-Dead_zpsmrxhdkaz.jpg

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Espacio Diseno | Article

Here is a nice special issue about the relationship between Art and Design made by Division of Sciences and Arts for the Design of the Metropolitan Autonomus University unit Xochimilco (Mexico) called Espacio Diseño. The publication dedicated 5 pages to my work, with some cool analysis added as well. You can find the article starting from page 40.

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Suphur | Omens Of Doom

Seven years after the release of their last album, SULPHUR have once again signed with Norway’s Dark Essence Records, and are ready to announce details of what will be the Experimental Black/Death Metallers third full-length album. Titled “Omens of Doom”, the seven-track album is expected to hit the streets in February 2016.
Here is the front cover which I designed for this album, very tuned with my state of mind and feelings about this world, at this moment.

 photo Sulphur_omens_of_doom_costin_chioreanu_zpsta1xnnx6.jpg

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Oceans Of Slumber | Winter

This is one of my favorite works I did this year. It was made for a progressive metal band from Houston, USA, named Oceans Of Slumber. The album is called “Winter” and will be available on March 4, 2016, by Century Media Records.

 photo Oceans Of Slumber_Costin_Chioreanu__zpsgmiu5vku.jpg

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Charm Designer | Everlasting

Charm Designer – “Everlasting” is a very interesting album produced by Waldemar Sorychta (Samael, Tiamat, Sentenced, etc). Check out the band HERE.
And here is the logo, the front cover and a lyric video I’ve done for them:

 photo Charm_designer_costin_chioreanu_zpshs2awth6.jpg

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Arch Enemy | Eternal Winter tour backdrop

This is the backdrop I created for Arch Enemy – “Eternal Winter” Tour 2015, which is happening as we speak. It is a mixed media based on handmade illustrations and it is hiding a secret which can be revealed only by UV lights, in venues which have such a thing. smile emoticon If You are lucky you will be able to see the entire “show” created by this apparently classic backdrop. smile emoticon See you on December 10, in Bucharest! \m/

 photo Arch_Enemy_2015_banner_Costin_Chioreanu__zpsd8kys0ia.jpg

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Posters for Enslaved shows to celebrate 25-year career

I am very happy to present you the artwork I made for Ensalved’s upcoming 25th anniversary shows.

The Norwegian outfit play three London shows at the Metal Hammer-sponsored London By Norse event in March next year under the banner Enslaved 25.

The first show, at The Dome on March 17 and entitled Of Frost And Fire, goes back to the roots of the band’s existence. The second show, on March 18 at The Underworld and called From The Runic Depths, will explore the transition from old to new before the final gig, Spinning Wheel Ritual at Shepherd’s Bush Empire on March 19, brings the audience to where the band is now in their musical journey.

Enslaved’s Ivar Bjørnson says: “Of Frost And Fire represents the quintessence of Enslaved roots. From the legendary Hordanes Land with its soundtrack-esque musical long players, via the vast geomythological canvases painted on Vikingligr Veldi, the revolutionary Frost that lifted us out of the strict underground and finally the odd pair – Eld, which pointed forward to a progressive future, and Blodhemn, where we had a last blowout of Black Metal-tempos and inspiration.

“For anyone curious about where such an eclectic band like Enslaved came from, this will be a first-hand guided tour through the primeval landscapes that shaped us.”

He adds: “From The Runic Depths will explain the unlikely yet logical transition from then until now. From the nightmarish flirt with death and black on Mardraum, the spaced-out balancing act that is Monumension, the milestone and futuristic beacon Below The Lights, the second break for the band Isa and finally the refined prog-vs-extreme monument Ruun.

“Spinning Wheel Ritual is where the band wields together the dark roots with the psychedelic fabrics of the newer days – bringing to the surface the true potential of our songwriting and musical abilities. The focus is the same as it has always been – to bring to life our personal vision of whatever ‘good and meaningful music’ means to us, to create a vessel for atmosphere, deep association and simple enjoyment of music.”

 photo Enslaved OF FROST AND FIRE London _Costin_Chioreanu__zpse4mmxuzd.jpg

 photo Enslaved From the runic depths _Costin_Chioreanu__zpseeazuqik.jpg

 photo Enslaved  SPINNING WHEELRITUAL_Costin_Chioreanu__zpshovb6va9.jpg

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Charity exhibition in Bucharest

Mihai “Coro” Caraveteanu is the first guy who trusted my skills back in 2003, when I met him after I founded my design studio, Twilight13media. He was my first client here, being manager for several local bands at that time and booking agent for concerts in Romania or abroad. Years passed and we become very close friends, helping each other for many many times. So is pointless to express how close to my heart this guy really is, mostly now when our scene got hyper divided into small groups of futile interests.

Unfortunately, my old friend got a serious problem. On Saturday, November 21, Coro suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and now he is at the Floreasca Hospital, in Bucharest. As the hemorrhage seems that finally stop, he is now going through a complex treatment and close investigation. He is conscious but cannot be visited and will remain at the intensive care unit for an unknown period of time. Mihai’s recuperation takes an undetermined amount of time, while he will not be able to work and will have to avoid any stress factors. Those who want to help him can donate any amount of money by using his girlfriend’s bank account. She stands by him together with his family and their close friends.

Here you can find the bank account details (in romanian currency): RO52INGB0000999903230851 (lei) –
Alexandra Mădălina Bărbulescu
For PAYPAL donations you can use the following address:

I will make an exhibition in Bucharest and all the sales will be donated to Coro.
Here is the poster, There will be 20 pieces exposed, printed on deluxe canvas and framed, originally made for Arcturus, Primordial, Morgoth, Grave, Bloodway, Sigh, Enslaved, Perihelion, Lethe, Haar, John Gallow, Feral, Rendezvous Point.

11 December 2015, from 7 PM @ Colony Art Gallegry ( Calea Călăraşi nr. 34, next to La Scena)
12 December, between 2 PM and 7 PM.

I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart to Victor Popa (Digital Advertisting), the chief taking care of my art prints for all over the wold since 2011. He supported the half of the production costs, proving once again that he is a really really nice guy . Also I would like to thanks to Arina Susara (Colony Art) and all my friend for helping me with spreading the news on such short notice.

 photo Vide Pentru Coro charity exhibition costin chioreanu_zps43ydoo4i.jpg

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The End Goes On | Ruhrpott Metal Meeting Germany

So, this way, “The End Goes On“ exhibition will get to it’s third public presentation this year, after Tilburg (Holland) and Dortmund (Germany). This time will be presented as Mini-Exhibition @ RMM! It can be called a group exhibition, as near to my works will be presented the work of Axel Hermann. I will not be present, as I need to take care of some charity things home, but most probbaly this time you will be able to meet the At The Gates there! If you are lucky smile!

 photo poster exhibition_zpsnk9vpgv9.jpg

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Abbath | Merch design

Well, yeah, this is something :) What can I add more? It his face there, for him, official, my drawing. Nothing to add, speaks by itself.
You can buy the tshirt from Season of Mist HERE.

 photo Abbath_by_Costin_Chioreanu__zpskpg7pxes.jpg