Jul 28 / admin

Perihelion | tshirt design

This is a tshirt design I created for Perihelion, one of the most interesting Hungarian bands. The model is based on handmade illustration and it has, like always, a story incorporated, as nothing is made just for the sake of being interesting. Follow your heart and you will discover it. Place your order at contact@perihelion-official.com
Check out the band HERE.

 photo Periheliontshirtcostinchioreanu2014_zps211ac51c.jpg

Jul 26 / admin

Virus | exclusive poster for US

Yeah, I know Virus never played in US before! So, me and the Americans we can be very happy about that. Me, cause I was called to make the poster for this historical event and they , of course, cause they will be able actually to enjoy it. As for the theme, let’s say I just wanted to reach that felling of a Russian sci-fi movie from 1969. At least, this way thsi band sound to my ears.

 photo PosterVirusNewYorkCostinChioreanu_zpse305fae8.jpg

Jul 24 / admin

Morgoth | God Is Evil | artwork

Well, this is a historical moment for sure. Morgoth, the legendary death metal band from Germany are back in full force, after years and years of silence, with a new material! MORGOTH will release a 7inch EP / Digital Single entitled “God Is Evil” featuring two brand new tracks on August 11th, 2014.

The band comments as follows: “Finally, after 17 years, we have some new tunes to share with you. We are excited about the nearing release of the “God Is Evil” single, which contains the title track as well as the song “Die As Deceiver”. These two brand-new songs are meant to be a first teaser for our upcoming album “Ungod”, which we will be recording later this year for a release early 2015 via Century Media Records.”

“God Is Evil” will be available on black vinyl and limited golden vinyl (300 copies).

I am super happy to be a part of this, so let me present you the first official Morgoth artwork in 17 years! I must confess, I really liked their concept.

 photo Morgoth-godIsevilCostinChioreanu_zps7bd3ddf8.jpg

Jul 23 / admin

Einherjer | Nidstong 7″ cover

Yep, I am very happy to continue my work for Einherjer, a band I love since my childhood. This new project was related to a vinyl single cover and a tshirt design.
You can order the single HERE. The tshirt I presume you will be able to find at concerts.

 photo EinherjertshirtCostinChioreanu_zpsfaf85f7b.jpg

 photo EinherjerNidstongCostinChioreanu_zps0b443b12.jpg

Jul 20 / admin

Mayhem | Psywar | LTD Cassette

This is the very limited edition of the Mayhem – “Psywar” single, as cassette.
It is already sold out, but at least is nice to present it hehehe

 photo MayhemPsywarcassetteCostinChioreanu_zps101f25d4.jpg

Jul 18 / admin

Primordial | tshirt design

I am super happy to present you my first artwork for the legendary Primordial. I think no other words are necessary, so just enjoy it!
You can order it HERE.

 photo Primordialtshirtdesigncostinchioreanu_zps89821fe6.jpg

Jul 14 / admin

Nuclear Blast | merch design

I am proud to announce my collaboration with the legendary record label Nuclear Blast. First project was related to some anniversary tshirt design, so here they are.
Both of them are handmade illustrations, in 2 different graphic styles.
You can purchase them from HERE.

 photo NuclearBlastts2designcostinchioreanu_zpsae8b3d2f.jpg

 photo NuclearBlasttsdesigncostinchioreanu_zpsaa223e28.jpg

Jul 10 / admin

Vulture Indistries & Dordeduh | tour poster

This is the second tour poster I made for thsi group of bands / friends. This version is made for their shows in the Nordic part of Europe, which will happen alter this year.
The poster artwork is based on handmade illustration / mixed media.

 photo VultureIndustriesDordeduhCostinChioreanu_zps6a807406.jpg

Jul 7 / admin

Loimann | logotype

Loimann is a very interesting metal band from Italy and thsi is the logo I created for them. You can check them out HERE.

 photo Loimannlogotypecostinchioreanu_zps003d4670.jpg