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…And Justice For Art | short interview

This is a short interview by End Justice For Art – about the new Einherjer video:

“I enjoy a lot Einherjer since the mid 90’s, so I felt deeply honored to be a part of their new release,” comments Chioreanu, exclusively for And Justice For Art. “The story is mainly based on the idea of ancient values which nowadays are lost or forgotten. The main character is the consciousness of somebody who realize this. This consciousness is walking around the dying world and discovers its decay. At one point, it finds some ancient magic beings still alive, and with some powers gathered from them, the consciousness becomes a warrior.”

Regarding to his visual and stylistic approach Costin adds: “NIDSTONG’s video is made, more or less, in the same style I am doing my animation videos. I think is already obviously that I am not looking into figurative type of movement, as I am more interested into atmosphere than to explain visually how a character is moving his hand and how natural is that.”

“Let’s say I am more influenced by ancient art, where figurative way of visual expression was not as interesting as finding the proper vibe of visuals in order to tell the story in the right way… There are several elements from Norse mythology appearing in this video, but all of them are presented as a part of THIS story, not as a copy-paste from the mythology books. So, they are re-interpreted a bit, and merged with the script and its purpose. I am not a fan of visual standardization which a lot of people/artists embrace it for few centuries already…”

“In the case of “NIDSTONG,” take it as an ancient story,” he concludes. “Every person will have a personal interpretation, which is something amazing, this makes things grow and keeps the magic alive.”

More HERE.

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At The Gates | At War With Reality | front cover

Today, 21 August 2014 is an enormous day for me. There are 21 years since I discovered this band and even now, when I am writing this, I simply cannot realize that this is really happening… Not even after these months when I was hardly working on this big project in secret. Well, I must write something, even if I am hardly finding my words now. If I knew that this moment will come I would have written the most complete and wonderful presentation of what I felt, what I feel, how I was dreaming this moment, how I never imagined this moment, how I grew up with this band in my ears, how this band remained for all these years like the air for me… I could work on this text for years… But this is the magic of life. This is a dream I believed and still believe in, so much as it became my path. Now, this dream is really happening, it is reality.

Yes, this was the main reason for all my delays lately, as I really needed to be focused 1000% on this project.

This project was extremely stunning but at the same time, it was super-challenging. The concept was so complex, abstract and deep, everything melted in such harmonic poetry. It was indeed a long trip, but it definitely helped me to step further and discover a new level of understanding and visual synthesis. So after so many years, after all these crazy months, all I can say to these 5 magic people is “Thank You”, from the bottom of my heart.

I present you, the cover of an album I am waiting for almost 20 years and I never lost the hope that I will have, someday, the chance to listen to it, not even when the band was split up. So, here it is: the cover of AT THE GATES – “At War With Reality”.

 photo AtTheGatesAtWarWithRealityCostinChioreanu_zpsc40835f8.jpg

And here is the official statement from Century Media, Tomas Lindberg and Anders Björler :

AT THE GATES, the pioneering band of the “Gothenburg style” melodic death metal sound, are launching more details about their highly anticipated “At War With Reality” comeback album, which will be released on October 27th, 2014 in Europe and October 28th, 2014 in North America via Century Media Records.
Today, AT THE GATES are revealing the front cover artwork (to be seen above!) for “At War With Reality”, which was designed by Costin Chioreanu / Chioreanu, who has previously also worked with bands such as ARCH ENEMY, MORGOTH or DARKTHRONE, gave the strong lyrical theme of “At War With Reality” an outstanding conceptual togetherness with the visuals he crafted for this project.

AT THE GATES vocalist and lyricist Tomas Lindberg checked in with the following comment, explaining the album’s theme: “The concept of ‘At War with Reality’ is based on the literary genre called ‘Magic Realism’. The main style within this genre is the notion that ‘reality’ is ever-changing, and needs to be constantly re-discovered and re-conquered. We felt that Costin’s artwork style would be the perfect visual contribution to this album, so he became the natural choice…”
And AT THE GATES guitarist and main songwriter Anders Björler further explained: “I got in touch with Costin a few years back. I was immediately impressed with his dark and original style. He collaborated on some T-shirt designs for AT THE GATES as well as designing the album artwork for my Instrumental Project. We realized pretty early on that his style would accompany the music and the concept perfectly.”

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Trial | Vessel

This is a project I deeply enjoyed, I must say I had not listen for a serious while such a crushing record as this upcoming Trial! PLEASE NOTE: This is Trial – heavy metal from Trollhättan, Sweden —- not the hardcore band!!! Really, this is a new dimension of heavy metal. Can be called “surreal” or “dark”? I feel like these words / attributes are simply lacking the essence of their music. That’s why I do not enjoy labels and labeling too much, but I can say they did it, they discovered something, is like heavy metal from beyond life. S U B L I M E! Just keep your eyes on these guys, the album is set to be released for next year. It is called “Vessel” and this is the front cover – a combination of a handmade illustration and some handmade paintings, ended as mixed media. You will find more information about this release here:


 photo Trial_Vessel_Costin_Chioreanul_zpsc99ba336.jpg

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Bloodway | Official live video

This is an official live video for my band Bloodway – thanx again to Miluta Flueras, Gina Sandulescu, Mihai Vasilescu , promoters of Rockstadt Extreme Fest , people attending to our show AND TO Allmighty Horatiu Bodocan for a killer live sound! This video marks our first appearance on a big stage of an open air festival! Enjoy!

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Bloodway | Tshirt design

This time is about my band. As there are some concert at the horizon, we decided to print some merchandise so here is the tshirt model I designed for that. We will print them in a limited series, which will be available at the upcoming shows. If you want to check out the music made by Bloodway, you can do it HERE.

 photo Bloodwaytshirtbycostinchioreanu_zps24b61748.jpg

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Past The Fall | tour design

This is the second project I am doing for Past The Fall, a very cool metal band from UK. This time is about a tour poster for their upcoming tour, so check it out!
Check out also their music HERE. \m/

And of course, here is the poster, made in a more childish / primal metal / thrashy way…

 photo PastTheFallbyCostinChioreanu_zpsae1eebe0.jpg

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Devilstone festival merchandise

I am glad to work again with Devilstone festival so here is the march design I created for them for 2014.  It is a handmade illustrator, in black ink.

 photo DevilstoneCostinChioreanu_zps1e165f71.jpg

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Einherjer | Nidstong | animation movie

The day has finally come for Einherjer to launch their new single Nidstong and together with that a animation movie which I created for illustrating the song. It is a personal interpretation of their great song so I would like to say a big “THANK YOU” for Einherjer as they trust my mind and skills and let me completely free hands to create what I feel related to this song and lyrics.

 photo AVATARVIDEOcostinchioreanu_zps8acfa094.jpg

The digital release is out today! And for those of you waiting for the physical format the 7-inch is set to hit the stores at the 25th of August.
And remember Nidstong is simply a preview of what to await from Einherjers upcoming album which is set to be released on the 27th of October.


And…hopefully you will enjoy eh video as well!

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London Metal Monthly feat

Thank you so much to London Metal Monthly for the interest in my work! You can find published in this magazine, for the first time, some short personal notes about the arts from latest exhibition, entitled “Insights”. Enjoy! The complete magazine can be accessed here – for those which did not reach it as print –

 photo CostinChioreanuexplanationstw_zpsed2c6828.jpg

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Aenemica | Official album teaser

This is a video teaser which I created for AENEMICA – Alternative Progressive Rock from Germany. Check it out!