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Leprous | Angel | Official video

Angels are not what they seem. My fourth video premiere for this month shows my new work for Leprous. A video for very subtle people.

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Live painting in Athens

On the 8th day of February 2019 I will be on the stage of Temple Athens (Athens, Greece), together with Attila Csihar, Sofia Sarri and other super talented musicians, forming the 13 member CHAMBER ORCHESTRA which will play “Canticles of The Holy Scythe” by Lüüp. My role in this amazing show is to catch the energy of the music, to be the hunter and bring this ghost on canvas. You can call it live painting even the most complex things have no name. See you there. A production of Underflow Record Store & Art Gallery .

 photo costin chioreanu 2019_zpsxfkuohgg.jpg

 photo Live painting costin chioreanu_zpsvvii58a6.jpg

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Soen | Lotus | Animation

This is already my second video premiere for 2019. After the one made for At The Gates, today I present you my work for Soen, which is a full animation video. I wrote some lines a while ago about it:

There might come a time when you feel the emptiness of a life based on the society’s game and its stake. You might come to a day when you realize that you are actually alone, although surrounded by victims of your madness, including even yourself. You might discover that during the unfolding of your obsession to haunt illusions, the room where you spend your daily life becomes empty; despite that it is filled with letters, pictures and various objects left by those who were someday around. There is no future and no past, so if you turn your soul towards those around you during this continuum present, perhaps you will never live the days I am talking about.

But you know, is just an advice, I am good at giving advice to others, but that doesn’t mean I reached that level. Still, this is the video about. I hope one day I will learn the lesson.

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Cosmic Rain | Seekers

Here is the cover artwork I did for the upcoming Cosmic Rain album, entitled “Seekers”. I guess the illustration speaks by itself.

 photo Cosmic rain costin chioreanu 2019_zpshuc4jped.jpg

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At The Gates | The Mirror Black | Video

I am extremely excited to present you my first official video for 2019. This one was made for almighty At The Gates and their track entitled “The Mirror Black” in the version featuring guest vocals by Rob Miller (Amebix, Tau Cross). I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart to my incredible A Team, for helping me bringing this into our dimension: Gina Sandulescu – additional filming, Andrei Tudorache – actor, logistics & almighty creator of the “mirror mask” and the “tree hands”, Ioana Dragan – actress. A big HUGE THANK YOU goes to Absintheria Sixtina for helping us with their amazing location for some of the scenes, total logistical support and even some acting in the shadows. Enjoy.

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A new beginning

Last 5 days of my life were pure magical. I forgot about time, about which day is the current one, I went all the way into an amazing creative world. I had a fabulous time at Grindhouse Studios Athens where the dearly beloved alien-talented pyramid top singer Sofia Sarri recorded the vocals for an album which I am doing together with her. Yes, this is first disclosed page of a top-classified file (more information will be posted soon). We couldn’t do anything without our beloved friend, amazing sound engineer, and the solver of everything-you-need-in-this-life-to-make-great-things-to-happen-and-life-to-be-beautiful, George Bokos . Really, it was beyond amazing experience, by all means, at all levels and these 2 amazing entities succeed, by their talent, dedication, friendship and open hearts to re-assemble and put again in function a Frankenstein turned to pieces which I was before landing to Athens. For me, this is a new beginning, by all means!

Please VISIT

 photo grindhouse studios_zpsi6nabcu5.jpg

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At The Gates featuring Rob Miller

First artwork and layout for 2019! This is the front cover of the new At The Gates 7″ EP which features the two songs “The Mirror Black” and “Daggers Of Black Haze” off their current album “To Drink From The Night Itself” in the versions that come with guest vocals by Rob Miller (Amebix, Tau Cross).

This collectors item is limited to 1000x copies worldwide, split up as follows:
Black 7Inch: 400x copies (CM Distro Europe Wholesale & Onlineshop)
Golden 7Inch: 100x copies (CM Europe Onlineshop)
Clear 7Inch: 300x copies (CM Distro Europe Wholesale & Onlineshop)
Transparent Red 7Inch: 200x copies (Exclusively from the band on tour)

purchase it HERE.

 photo at the gates 2019 costin chioreanu_zpsdym7njlt.jpg

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Casus | Face eater

This is the cover I made for anniversary single of German band Casus. The single “Face eater” is out in order to celebrate their 10 years anniversary as a band.
Below you have also a lyric video which I did for the same single.

 photo Casus Costin chioreanu_zpsnpgotu5z.jpg

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Sentience | experimental photography

I am very happy to see this project, completely based on a photographic experimental session, being finally published. This album is beyond amazing, and I recommend it to all the dreamers out there, the music and vocals are beyond sublime! Fredrik Klingwall & Julia Black – Sentience can be pre-ordered HERE.

 photo Sentience costin chioreanu_zpsqyoof66r.jpg

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Ghost | The Hair Spell

This is the last merchandise design I created for Ghost this year. It is available at the merchandise stand during their tour. Enjoy!
Available HERE.

 photo Ghost hair spell costin chioreanu_zpswkgxoy29.jpg

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