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Susperia | My Darkest Moment | video

Another day, another video premiere 😀 This time is about a film which I produced for the Norwegian band Susperia ( featuring former members of Dimmu Borgir and Satyricon). Thank you so much for all the help to Gina Sandulescu and Liviu Gugui . The new Susperia’s sixth full-length album, “The Lyricist” will be released officially tomorrow by Agonia Records. Enjoy!
You can order this album HERE.

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Oceans of Slumber | No Color, No Light | video

Well…this was a very intense project at all levels, from the amount of work and that pile of exclusive illustrations made for it…to the very powerful experience of living for million times every second of this absolutely mind-blowing song. This is for those who are still living not just moving around. Love walks with you in this life. Enjoy it, consume it, but always keep a small reserve for that magic moment when dreams become reality…So…enjoy Oceans Of Slumber featuring the exquisite voice of Tom S Englund of Evergrey – one of the biggest hits of metal world of 2018 😉

Full album available HERE.

And this is the video I was talking about…

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Most insane band | Busagu Nagdi

I told you a while ago that I was doing something which I should have not, due to the chaotic rhythm of my life. I’ll try to cut it short, given that the existence, life or their meanings don’t bear a valid explanation, and I don’t know why I would waste my time explaining something which came perhaps as a spontaneous thing.
Last week, a very close friend celebrated his birthday. One week before, Liviu , Gina and I thought to spring a surprise on him. Instead of buying him an object which anyone can have, we decided to make something special, a pretty crazy album filled with jokes and stuff that we enjoy anytime we meet. First, we transformed into different characters in order the mix ourselves with the hallucinating vibe of the story. I became Atarax Raliü (the surname is a deviation of the word rally), Liviu took the name Savu cu Două Capete (the two-headed Savu) and Gina became Zorra Cimitirescu (here the surname is a deviation of the word cemetery). We started to work, each of us did what knew better and so we made the project Buşagu Nagdi – “Halucinaţii Feroviare” (the project’s name is a sort of Romanian regionalism which I’ll not explain now, while the disc is entitled “Railway Hallucinations ”). The whole material was written and recorded during a couple of days. We all had terrible fun doing this. Our friend was impressed by such an intense gift and he suggested that we should publish the music online. He said that this type of music is a must in our world and there will surely be people getting its point, who will enjoy tasting the madness. So now, after his birthday, here we have the complete release as digital version.
I am pretty glad that after 21 years since I made the first demo together with Liviu, we managed to do some full material again. I didn’t laugh and enjoy that much since I was a child.

This is the artwork…
 photo Busagu Nagdi_Halucinatii_Feroviare_Costin_Chioreanu_zpslccvy9ow.jpg


Message from the record label (we found one one day after we released this on bandcamp:
“Here’s some madness plus some reflective music, it’s like the cause and the effect. As we already informed you, Bușagu Nagdi is the latest musical project of Costin Chioreanu made with some of his friends and based on a comic approach of a modern grindcore deviation, which might be linked by some with The Locust craziness. “There is a Place Called Home” is an instrumental piece aiming to reflect childhood memories and some bucolic magic, which he created a while ago. Both discs are now available in a special jewel-case package limited to 50 pieces worldwide. Act fast if you want to explore!”


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Nightmarer animation

Here is the lyric video I made for the band Nightmarer . The illustrations were made by Metastazis and I push them into motion 🙂 Enjoy! Preorders are up HERE.

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Tales Of The Wind

I am presenting my new artistic project for 2018…it is an ambulant art exhibition inspired by the music of Earth Electric.

The air movement reminds us that there is much more to see in this world than we actually see. It is the invisible force which set everything in motion: clouds, trees, dust, water, our thoughts and memories.
Once you start listening carefully to the stories of the wind you begin to understand that it carries on all the information from this planet and beyond and it helps us connect with all the realms around us, both seen and unseen.

“Tales Of The Wind” is a new exhibition project by Costin Chioreanu, which is inspired by the music and the lyrical concept of the band Earth Electric. This exclusive selection of artworks shows to the viewer a totally different perspective of the seen world, by pushing the unseen wind and air as the main visual element, while the beings which interact with it are reduced to shapes and containers.

This time, there will be a travelling exhibition going together with the band’s concerts for some selected dates in Spain.

 photo Tales_Of_The_Wind_Costin_Chioreanu_zpskb7lrxos.jpg

Just listen some Earth Electric to get into the right mood 🙂

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Best artworks of 2017 | The book

Heavy Music Artwork presents The best artworks of 2017 and I am included with my work for Carach Angren’s “Dance and Laugh Amongst the Rotten”
among other 100 Artists with 100 Bands on 100 releases!

A collection of the finest 2017 album art.
A4 Hardback (210mmx297mm)
Collected in one deluxe volume.
Printed on high gloss 200gm paper.
Limited to 100
Hand numbered and embossed

Pre-sell now open HERE.

 photo 27072431_2292548860770760_4236442729252046237_n_zpsfft42zxk.jpg

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Trial | Roadkill tour shirt design

As all the projects I’ve done for Swedish Band Trial, this was also a real pleasure and another fascinating trip into the unexplored corners of my mind. The illustration was inspired from the song “Aligerous Architect” from their stellar new record “Motherless”.

This will be available on their upcoming Roadkill Tour with RAM and Portrait. Check em out on the road, you might have a very nice surprise if you are into dark heavy metal (and a bit more )

 photo Trial Sweden Costin Chioreanu Roadkill_zpsqtc4gq5a.jpg

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Arch Enemy works only with the best!

I am very happy to have the logo of my graphic studio on the list of “Arch Enemy only works with the best” from the back of their crew tshirt for 2018. Makes my 15th celebration really special! Thank you very much guys! It is a pleasure to work with the other “guys” mentioned on the back of the tshirt, that is a great and super-efficient team! Francois, thank you so much for the picture! \m/ Check out here the rest of the dates if you catch them in THIS tour.

 photo 26961926_2284088851616761_3720059344852128112_o_zpsshpe0iwb.jpg

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Primordial – Stolen Years | Official Video

My first video for 2018 \m/ ! I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart to Gina Sandulescu, Miluta Flueras and Gareth Averill for helping me with additional filming for this video. Also, I would like to thank to Mihai Ilie and his great team of Metal Gates Festival, people who really understood what we are trying to capture there and they offered they total support! Who was at the Primordial show at Metal Gates Festival…just watch this, you might have a surprise…Enjoy, I think it came out very nice…with a strong personal touch 🙂

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Roadburn special artwork

This is the special piece and poster I created for Vánagandr – “Sól án varma” which will unite members of Misþyrming, Naðra, Svartidauði, and Wormlust in a celebration of the Icelandic black metal scene….

 photo Poster Costin Chioreanu_zpstxo9h0t8.jpg