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Wars | We are islands, after all

This is the result of a deep meditation over some nice theme I got for this band. Wars is a young modern – metal band from UK and their debut album “We are islands, after all” will be released on January 27th 2017, by Spinefarm Records.

 photo Wars_Costin_Chioreanu_2016_zps1ml3i92v.jpg

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E-KUNST is now active

Poster art is alive and well!
Spearheaded by legendary studios like Hipgnosis, and immortal trailblazers like Warhol, Mapplethorpe, and Giger, it’s been a long path to rock and roll acquiring its status as legitimate art. It took a while for extreme music to get there too. From the hair metal days to the variety of styles in contemporary heavy music, it’s been a long journey. This scene – our scene – is burgeoning with interesting artists and Heavy Metal is well represented at poster art events (i.e. SXSW’s Flatstock, etc) all over the world.
This is E-Kunst, a new webshop for all heavy music related art.

ULTRA LIMITED PRINTS ALERT!! ONLY 10 signed copies worldwide. never to be reprinted ! Deluxe print on canvas or high quality digital prints. All of them exclusively available HERE!

 photo 01Costin_EKUNST_zpsxpjapvnk.jpg

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The Last Day Of Darkness

I am deeply honored to announce that I will be a part of a very special group exhibition @ Onkel Aksel – Musikkbistro / Norway Friday November 25th, and at Kilden Teater- og Konserthus Norway on Saturday, November 26th. The event is entitled “Last Day of Darkness Arts Exhibition” and presents the four artists that contributed so far to the image of Green Carnation – “Light Of Day, Day of Darkness”: NIKLAS SUNDIN, COSTIN CHIOREANU, KIM HOLM and THEMOEN. I cannot find proper words to describe how happy I am to be a part of this and to exhibit together with my favorite graphic designer and illustrator Niklas Sundin and such a great artists like Kim Holm and Themoen!!!

 photo Last Day Of Darkness_Costin_Chioreanu_zpsccc1l90m.jpg

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Lerpous DVD | Second single

Here is the second clip from the upcoming Leprous DVD which I directed and edited. I was also part of the amazing filming crew formed by Marius Costache, Gina Sandulescu, Cristian Dita, Andrei Ionut George and Andrea Chirulescu.
“Live At Rockefeller Music Hall” was recorded/mixed by David Castillo as well as mastered by Tony Lindgren of Fascination Street Studios. The release will arrive on various formats, including a limited DVD+2CD Digipak, standalone DVD, 2CD Jewelcase, Gatefold 3LP on black vinyl + 2CD & as Digital Download audio.
The full tracklisting of the concert part is as follows:
LEPROUS – “Live At Rockefeller Music Hall”:
1. The Flood
2. Foe
3. Third Law
4. Rewind
5. The Cloak
6. Acquired Taste
7. Red
8. Slave
9. The Price
10. Moon
11. Down
12. The Valley
13. Forced Entry
14. Contaminate Me
Additionally, the DVD contains the following bonus materials:
1. Behind The Scenes
2. Slave (Lyric Video)
3. Restless (Video Clip)
4. The Cloak (Video Clip)
5. The Price (Video Clip)
6. Leprous At Rockefeller 13 Years Earlier
Pre-order “Live At Rockefeller Music Hall” in its various physical formats from the Inside Out WEBSHOP

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This quest just ended

After almost one yer since “The Quest for a Morning Star” was released as physical A5 digipack, I finally could donate all the money received from the label as profit plus the entire sum I got from personal sales of the copies I received. The total was 3250 lei which means 720 euro. I donated all these money just to a single victim of Colectiv tragedy. His name is Pavlos Popovici and he is 16 years old (maybe he already is 17 years old, I do not know). The money will be used for upcoming surgery and treatments. Why I pick just one guy? Because in the last weeks , from time to time I asked here and there trusted people connected to victims to find out who is in more need of money. Sometimes I talked directly with victims, sometimes even I called them, procedures which is not easy, at least for a sensitive guy like me. Yeah, sensitive, is that a crime as well?? Whatever. Always the answer I received was “Thank you, I am covered”, “Thank you, I personally do not need extra money, I am ok”. So, no matter how much I wanted to find another person who would be different from the first list of four people I helped with first round of money , one year ago, I failed. Yeah, maybe I did not searched as much as I needed to, maybe I did a mistake. But hey, how many of you really know how is my real personal life so you can evaluate properly my decision? Hmm? I am sure some of you (mostly romanians because they are born paranoid anyway) will consider my decision is shit. Ok. I am done with my connection with the case Colectiv from today. I had enough of circus on real and virtual life connected to exploitation of this tragedy which turned it into a CASE. Can I say something in the end? Like a personal note? Or that will drag instantly other teachers of life and haters into my facebook messenger, like it did one year ago? What I want to say is simple: You are making a big confusion between POLITICS and REALITY.In rest, I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart to all real people outhere, the (probably) last dinosaurs who really understand what I am , what I do, why I’m doing what I am doing and my way of thinking, which means, in the end they have the same opinion as mine on this matter. To all of you – from dinosaurs to the highest developed to none person from my list: All The Best, take care and enjoy your day. And yeah, do not exploit the dreams of musicians, as when those are pure, you might get like a planetary tornado of bad karma back. Just sayin’. Do not steal from artists! Universe is not sleeping, and you have absolutely no chance to control it.

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The Slayerking | trip in ancient times

This is the lyric video I did for the Greek occult doom band The Slayerking (featuring legendary Nightfall members). The song is entitled “Sargon of Akkad” and is the 3rd song from the debut album SANATANA DHARMA that is out through Finisterian Dead End and distributed by Season of Mist

The story of Sargon, one of the earliest of the world’s great empire builders, is still fascinating today. He was an orphaned child that crossed the river inside a basket and saved by a humble man, a gardener, who grew him as his own child.

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Enslaved | Birth Of New Worlds

Enslaved – “Birth Of New Worlds” tshirt design it is a image I created combining watercolor painting with photo manipulation and some collage collage. There are only a very limited number of those Anniversary Special Edition t-shirts (4 out of 6, limited to only 150 models worldwide) left in Enslaved Webshops! Don’t snooze if you want to grab one!
You can purchase this Anniversary t-shirt here:

 photo Enslaved_New_Worlds_Ts-Costin_Chioreanu_zpsyhwt5pow.jpg

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Roadburn 2017 project

I am so excited to present you the amazing project I will have for the next Roadburn 🙂 My Dying Bride have been confirmed to play the Roadburn Festival in Holland on Saturday 22nd April 2017.
The set has been deliberately tailored to include all of the Metal songs from Turn Loose The Swans.
There will be a few other older songs too from As The Flower Withers and The Angel and The Dark River, stuff they have not played in a long time so this is going to be special.
Your River
The Songless Bird
The Snow in My Hand
The Crown Of Sympathy
Turn Loose The Swans
In order to deliver a unique visual experience,I will create the screenings for this show. So: tons of work indeed but made with tons of passion, as My Dying Bride is one of my favorite bands ever!!!
If this all wasn’t enough on the drum throne will be tub thumper of all things dark, dismal and downright gloomy Shaun Winter Taylor Steels Esquire.

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Trees Of Eternity | lyric video

“Hour Of The Nightingale” was a very deep project, no matter it entered my life suddenly, out of nowhere, as totally unexpected. I need to confess that working on artworks and layouts was easier than working on the video, where I needed to be focused on the connection between music and lyrics which is…beyond powerful. While working on the lyric video, there were several moments when I really need to stop and take a big breath in order to gather my powers to continue. I am glad that I could help this release to happen…

Here is few words from Juha:
“Life has truly taken everything away from me, but one thing it can never take away from me, or anyone of us, is music!
Aleah, from today your beautiful spirit, voice and your words are finally being released to the world. I was such a fortunate person to see your magic in work so close, and to write so much music with you. From today I want everyone of you to celebrate, embrace and share her music and the lyrics of such a light and great darkness as far as you can. You always told me that to really understand your true self you need one white and one black wing on your back. How easy it is to hear from your music. Music truly was everything to her and she crafted every single word and a note until they were like a shining diamonds of her soul, a pure blinding light in the dark. When ever she picked up the guitar and started to sing I always knew she could not be from this time and place, not from this world. And she wasn’t. Aleah, thank you for leaving behind your healing voice and words for all of us to embrace. Like a true star you never pushed your self to the front, or said a bad word of anyone. But then again you never needed to, as the time stood still when ever you walked into the room. Now the time stands still forever in your music and words, yet they could not be more alive. I will carry your flame. Love Eternal Nightingale.” – Juha

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Otherworlds Over Eire | Consumed

Yep, the autumn adventure with our friends from Valbrg is now consumed.

 photo Valborg_Bloodway_Costin_Chioreanu_ireland_zpsrvwbsh3a.jpg

Here is the first video of my band Bloodway playing in Ireland. The song is called “Free Ends” and the concert took place in Dublin. It was the first show of the “Otherworlds Over Éire” tour we did together with our friends from Valborg. For a band hearing absolutely nothing in any of the monitors is not that bad. Thanks to Gina Sandulescu for filming this. Enjoy!

We would like to thank very much to Ade Mulgrew & Anaïs Chareyre for helping us with this show and lots of other things in Ireland. Here is a nice memory from our Belfast show at Distortionfest 2016. Yes, it is, by far, the strangest venue we ever played. But was nice as we felt like playing at King Diamond’s mansion. Concerning the sound quality, test your yoga limits now by taking the positive side of it and enjoying (or not) the way Bloodway sounds on Marshall JVM.

Here is my band Bloodway playing the song “The Transfinite Castaway”, live at Siege Of Limerick Festival – Samhain – Ireland 2016. This is the very first footage of all of us using our new live outfit. Well, if you manage too see something in that darkness!