Jun 8 / admin

Lefutray | Oath

This artwork was made for the Chilean band Lefutray. The new album is entitled “Oath” and sounds really cool if you are enjoying solid metal in vein of The Haunted and Gojira.

 photo Lefutray Oath Costin chioreanu_zpsnxgy1rgn.jpg

Here is also a song from the album! Enjoy!

Jun 6 / admin

Sunset in the 12th House | Mozaic

I would like to share with you now, as the record is finally out, some extra parts from the visual project and concept created for the debut album of Sunset in the 12th House, the side project of Dordeduh’s musicians. I recommend the vinyl edition, for maximum graphic experience.
You can order the record HERE.

 photo Sunset 12th house Costin Chioreanu 1_zpsapgys9by.jpg

 photo Sunset 12th house Costin Chioreanu 2_zpscywuwiky.jpg

Jun 5 / admin

The Exploding Eyes Orcehstra | animated video

Yep, a new animated video, this time made for The Exploding Eyes Orcehstra. I must say I really enjoy thsi project, even the music is a bit far from the one I am normally used to illustrate. But, is always good to tryout some experiments. I got the freedom to illustrate the song so I created first the story and then the animation. This time the metaphors are extremely rough and brutal so I do not see any point in explaining that much, just push play and you will realize what’s all about.

On June 12, Finnish outfit The Exploding Eyes Orchestra will make their Svart Records debut with I, their aptly-titled first offering. Written as part of a two-album set by guitarist Thomas Corpse and featuring four other members besides himself from Jess and the Ancient Ones, the record and band are an offshoot in the truest sense of the word, but one justified both by the differences in lineup and in sonic personality that are showcased throughout I‘s seven songs and vinyl-ready 41 minutes. Whereas Jess and the Ancient Ones operates with cultish aural intent, having explored psychedelic ritualizing for the last half-decade, The Exploding Eyes Orchestra was birthed as an outlet for the side of Corpse‘s songwriting that specifically didn’t fit that band. (theobelisk.net)

Jun 1 / admin

Krow | Beer label design

Well, well, well…I never imagined I will design a beer label, but never say never! Here is the TSM Beer label design – based on a handmade illustration / mixed media. Made for lovers of metal and beer!! :)

Beer Benedith
Av. Afranio Rodrigues Da Cunha, 625
Cesar bombonato airport
034 3236.6045

 photo krow beer costin chioreanu label_zpsjtu1m0ke.jpg

 photo krow beer costin chioreanu_zpsb6hja2pf.jpg

May 30 / admin

Belt Of Orion | Artwork

This was a really nice project, and it was related to the debut release of Belt Of Orion, a new band from Austria. The record is entitled “Black Vortex Heart” and the themes were very close to my own perception and views. If you want to check out the band, you can listen them HERE.

 photo Belt Of Orion Costin Chioreanu_zps5ruayqeo.jpg

May 27 / admin

Lerpous | merch design 2015

I am super happy to announce my second collaboration with the Norwegian avant-garde metal explorers Leprous for their tour merchandise! It seems like the collaboration from 2014 was a great success so here we go! This is the new model, my own vision and interpretation of the concept behind their new album! Enjoy!

 photo Leprous merch 2015 costin Chioreanu_zpsrq0xpzol.jpg

May 26 / admin

Cabal | Midian | Reissue

This is a tough one! I am super happy to present you the complete front cover artwork for the reissue of legendary Cabal – “Midian” album! Was a lot fo work in order to get this illustration done but I think the task of bringing the logo back from the dead sea of pixels was even more extreme hahahaah. The reissue is done by Dark Descent Records.

“his is the first and still the only album “CABAL”, which entered the history of the American death / thrash metal’a as one of the most perfect and flawless specimens of the genre. Unfortunately the gang on this limited, besides the whole edition of the album immediately after its release, immediately settled in the collections of true music fans to this day it seemed almost nothing can revive the memory of this worthy band. Fix this very glaring injustice in 2000 took firm Red Stream, re-released “Midian” in gift format “digipack”. Phenomenal – this powerful and professional stuff was almost forgotten. Definitely, such a bright pearl as “CABAL”, deserves to himself a lot more attention from the fans of the old school.”

Full album HERE.

 photo Cabal Midian reissue Costin Chioreanu_zpsnta5a7m8.jpg

May 24 / admin

Einherjer | US Dragons

This is a funny tshirt design made for EINHERJER, under the name and concept of DRAGONS OVER BALTIMORE. Like usual, it is a handmade illustration / mixed media.
Einherjer have some very limited and very exclusive shirts printed just for Maryland Deathfest!….Be sure to shop early!!

 photo Einherjer dragons over baltimore Costin Chioreanu_zpsjaxkimfg.jpg

May 23 / admin

Eluveitie tshirt design

Well, this is already the second design I made for Eluveitie! Enjoy!

 photo Eluveitie costin chioreanu_zps3ymtznoj.jpg

May 11 / admin

One night only

May 9 was a very special night for me. The release date for my book “Magic As A Golden Mean” plus the first show of my band Bloodway for 2015, which was a complex one. The show combined Bloodway, who’s philosophical moments Alan Watts signed with projections made with rearranged sequences from the film, On The Silver Globe, directed by Andrzej Zulawski. The film used to achieve these projections becomes a mirror that reflects defined Bloodway’s music and ideas. The time difference becomes invisible in these two perspectives coming from different worlds, but related to the same basis. Interplanetary movement unfolded in music created by Bloodway not involve any separation or spiritual concession. The music direction is directed to an opposite side of humanity that built phenomena left behind ruins injurious to mind and spirit.

 photo one night only Bloodway Bucuresti Costin Chioreanu_zpsajvvcwpr.jpg

This is a new live video for the song “Walking Past Near the Lighthouse”, scheduled for release this fall.