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Darkthrone I Ravishing Grimness

I will just ad the text from official Darkthrone and Peaceville websites, regarding the final result of the “Ravishing Grimness” and “Goatlord” reissues graphic design contest. I cannot add anything more.
“Many thanks to everybody who entered the recent contest, but there can be only one winner per album, & the chosen names are as follows:
GOATLORD: Linda K Røed, Norway
RAVISHING GRIMNESS: Costin Alexandru Chioreanu, Romania”

“Ravishing Grimness: Finally, this album is complete! Say no more.”
“In general: On behalf of Darkthrone, we say a big thanks to all the participants, you all made this very difficult for us. In a good way.”
– Nocturno – Official Darkthrone website

And now, as the ending…the art.