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Details revealed regarding graphic exhibition at Roadburn 2012

This year’s Roadburn Festival will include the world premiere of Romanian artist Costin Chioreanu’s new exhibition “Too Late for Rainbows.” Following the success of his 2011 exhibition “Where Purgatory Ends,” a combination art show/musical performance/happening staged at various events in Alba Iulia (Transylvania), Helsinki, New York and Bucharest, it is Tilburg’s turn to host the artist.

Unlike “Where Purgatory Ends,” which featured metaphorical reflections on daily life and transcendent childhood memories, “Too Late for Rainbows” deals with spiritual crimes that man has been plotting for thousands of years and is about to commit. While the artist is aware of the imminence of this process and its consequences, he also understands that the unseen world, almost gone from the conscience of man, will swiftly return. The visual discourse is a graphical and metaphorical observation of the final moments of this spiritual apocalypse, for the unseen world and the bond it shares are the most important endangered species in man’s world.

Cause (Riddle)

“I have been and always am with you, anywhere, even where your shadow
doesn’t follow you, until you find me. I am hidden by you in many, in so
many that you even forgot the way to really look for me.”


It the beginning there was the word.
And men described with words what was around them, creating pictures.
Pictures of the definable translated the indefinable.
So words turned empty and the empty end of rainbows filled the sky.
And now… now there is just noise.

In a world of carnal noise
Our time has come again,

As many of you can hear our silence,
As many of you will step forward.