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Ihsahn to headline the afterburner

As the founding guitarist of Emperor, Ihsahn was one of the architects of the symphonic black metal genre. On albums including In The Nightside Eclipse (recorded when he was only seventeen) and Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk, he helped craft a style that both defines and refines metal, and tests the artistic boundaries of this most arcane art form.

Over the years, Ihsahn has moved into progressive, post-black metal territory, also occupied by ground breaking artists like Nachtmystium and Enslaved. His much acclaimed solo albums, whether After or Eremita (think progressive metal meets avant-garde or doom jazz meets krautrock), are also stunning manifestos, proving that Ihsahn is one of the most influential, talented and enduring musicians to emerge out of the classic Norwegian black metal scene –or even in all of metal.

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I am very proud cause I had the opportunity to make the official flyer design for this great event….