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Blizaro | Strange Doorways

Among our rock/metal heroes of today, there’s a guy from Rochester (NY), USA, considered by many a true genius: John Gallo.

Known mainly as the founder of superb doomsters ORODRUIN and now-defunct black metallers CRUCIFIST, John Gallo has many alter egos and exciting musical incarnations, though BLIZARO is certainly the most adventurous and unpredictable of all!
Aptly titled “Strange Doorways” the box-set will feature all the BLIZARO demo recordings, as mind-blowing as their main releases: “Horror Rock” (2006), “Blue Tape” (2008, with a cameo from Peter Vicar of Reverend Bizarre fame!), an expanded version of “The Old Wizard Of Winter” (2009), and the amazing “Blak Majicians” album (2012). Plus lots of rare, unreleased and never-heard-before tracks directly from John Gallo’s vaults!

The 2-CD release will come with a luxurious 20-page full-colour booklet featuring extra artwork rare band photos, plentiful liner notes by John Brenner of REVELATION, and track-by-track commentaries provided by John Gallo himself.

Here is first the front cover artwork and the logotype design – both handmade.

 photo Blizarofrontcover_zpsf887a0ec.jpg