Nov 21 / admin

White Walls | Escape Artist | Additional arts

After the release date of ” Escape Artist” I can finally present you some arts which are included in this crazy digipack.
Btw, if you want to purchase it or download the album try this link (recommended to people intro the new wave of progressive metal):

 photo ArtPanel2_zpsb658bbfe.jpg

 photo Artpanel1_zpsc901bfd7.jpg

And now something about the last one, which is a side of the entire 12 -booklet expanded: Sorry to say but NO, I am not crazy and no, the image from the middle is not from my layout. No, the printer is not the “artist” either. There is a hole, and through it you can see anything you like, you can frame any kind of reality into thsi crazy frame we provide, hehe. I must admit, any reality you put in that hole, looks a bit surreal.

 photo ArtPanel3_zps02f5d61b.jpg