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Napalm Death | Exclusive art and screenings for historical show!

Well, dear clients, this is the reason for my absence in the work field for 2 and a half weeks instead of just 1, as I usually need to go to Roadburn festival. As some of you really got irritated by this delay, let me present you (at least) the reason for my absence. I made for Napalm Death a great exclusive set of screenings , I run a extremely complex and complicated project in a record time, I am now a completely mind-fried wreckage, but very happy about the result. Who will come at Roadburn festival this year will see why. Of course, I do not expect some of you to re consider their violent position about my delay on other projects, while I was working on this one, but I really think an artist must be all the time animated about doing art, no matter the costs. Cause actually this is the reason you are hiring him, cause actually this is what makes him an artist. You know I keep my deadlines, but I am also an obsessed about exploring new ways of expression. More details here:


Here are is some live footage of my collaboration with Napalm Death at Roadburn 2014. I was honored to do such complicated graphic project for a band which I love since my childhood. The result were these screenings. Together with a historical playlist I think really offered to fans a really nice moment – at least for me, it was great hehe!

 photo Screen1_zps79d3de06.jpg