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Bloodway | after 3 celebrations of autumn

We just finished our 3 day-celebration of autumn and it was an extremely beautiful experience, which will remain in our souls for this life and beyond. In chronological order – Cluj-Napoca, Brasov, Bucharest – were all amazing, at all levels. Sublime organization, great venues, great crowd. We want to show our deepest gratitude to all the great people we worked with and met in our trip – ALL of them showed maximum respect for our work and ALL of them treated with maximum attention all the details, in order to make something special: Stefan Panea (the sonic mastermind – our sound engineer), Gina Sandulescu (our VJ), Flo (the van driver), Hatework Booking (organizers of our show from Cluj-Napoca), Sincarnate (a very good band we shared the stage with at Cluj-Napoca), Flying Circus Club crew and tech crew, Radu Barna and Club Rockstadt plus their amazing tech/lights crew, The Thirteenth Sun (another very good band we shared the stage at Brasov), Emil Ionescu, Metalhead crew & Sonia Lodi (The crew behind a very nice festival entitled Metalhead Meeting), Gelu Lapusneanu for his great and vital tech support at Bucharest, Miluta Flueras, MarmotA Photography, Victor Cristescu Photography and of course, a BIG salute to all the people attending at our shows! We hope your experience was as great as ours! Bloodway will have just one more show this year – this is official and final decision. This show will be at November To Dismember metal fest, Bucharest/Fusion Arena, in one of these days: 28/29/30 November. We will be back with more info soon. Until then, enjoy a video with 2 tracks played at Metalhead Meeting – Bucharest / Arenele Romane – 2 days ago!

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