Apr 16 / admin

Roadburn Festival 2015 and various art projects

Finally back after a very long trip which started in early February, when I went to Begren for building the Vulture Industries stage design. After that was Blastfest, with tones of great meetings and great times. After that I hit the studio with my band Bloodway to records our second release, together the same almighty Marius Costache . Right after I had two weeks of intense work to Roadburn screenings which seems that amplified very well the great shows of Enslaved, Wardruna and Skuggsja. After I went back to Norway, at Inferno, where the show with Vulture Industries was really amazing, even tones of work were necessary again for putting it up. There I had also the “New Wave Of Surreal Horror” exhibition, where I was so happy to have so many nice guests! 2 days back in Bucharest and after that I went to Holland, at Roadburn, where I had tones of work but also tones of great time with old and new friends! Thank you so much Walter Roadburn & Wilek Bierens for another brilliant Roadburn time, at all levels!!!!! The atmosphere is getting greater year by year in this wonderful family of die hard music fans, so I cannot wait the next year edition! I was super happy to exhibit together with such amazingly gifted artists like Kim Holm and Arik Roper and of course to share creative thoughts with so many talented people! Straight from Holland I went to Dortmund, where I was honored by the invitation of Jens Prueter and Century Media Records to have a exhibition related to new opus of the almighty At The Gates (Official) – “At War With Reality”. I am so happy, after more than 20 years of listening , praising, sometimes redrawing bootlegs covers (back in the days) of Century Media releases I could finally meet the entire team, visit the headquarters and have such incredible great time together! Thank you so much Jens & company for the fantastic time you offered us there! Bewitched CafĂ© was fitting amazingly with the vibe of the exhibition! You will see soon, I will post some pictures. All this time Gina was there, and I simply cannot imagine myself surviving all this crazy period without her and without her help. We slept 3 hours this night, we are on the road since 6 am…so I will honorably retire now to my bed. I would like to thank to all my clients that also understood me in this period , I promise you all everything is getting back to normal from this weekend. But I need one day of sleeping and recharging my batteries…Hugs to everyone! I know, all I wrote here is super chaotic, but I wanted to mention few lines for you before I faint :))) Clarity soon.