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One night only

May 9 was a very special night for me. The release date for my book “Magic As A Golden Mean” plus the first show of my band Bloodway for 2015, which was a complex one. The show combined Bloodway, who’s philosophical moments Alan Watts signed with projections made with rearranged sequences from the film, On The Silver Globe, directed by Andrzej Zulawski. The film used to achieve these projections becomes a mirror that reflects defined Bloodway’s music and ideas. The time difference becomes invisible in these two perspectives coming from different worlds, but related to the same basis. Interplanetary movement unfolded in music created by Bloodway not involve any separation or spiritual concession. The music direction is directed to an opposite side of humanity that built phenomena left behind ruins injurious to mind and spirit.

 photo one night only Bloodway Bucuresti Costin Chioreanu_zpsajvvcwpr.jpg

This is a new live video for the song “Walking Past Near the Lighthouse”, scheduled for release this fall.