Jun 5 / admin

The Exploding Eyes Orcehstra | animated video

Yep, a new animated video, this time made for The Exploding Eyes Orcehstra. I must say I really enjoy thsi project, even the music is a bit far from the one I am normally used to illustrate. But, is always good to tryout some experiments. I got the freedom to illustrate the song so I created first the story and then the animation. This time the metaphors are extremely rough and brutal so I do not see any point in explaining that much, just push play and you will realize what’s all about.

On June 12, Finnish outfit The Exploding Eyes Orchestra will make their Svart Records debut with I, their aptly-titled first offering. Written as part of a two-album set by guitarist Thomas Corpse and featuring four other members besides himself from Jess and the Ancient Ones, the record and band are an offshoot in the truest sense of the word, but one justified both by the differences in lineup and in sonic personality that are showcased throughout I‘s seven songs and vinyl-ready 41 minutes. Whereas Jess and the Ancient Ones operates with cultish aural intent, having explored psychedelic ritualizing for the last half-decade, The Exploding Eyes Orchestra was birthed as an outlet for the side of Corpse‘s songwriting that specifically didn’t fit that band. (theobelisk.net)