Sep 3 / admin

Bloodway | The Transfinite Castaway | Official video

This is the first single and the first official video from our brand new release – the full-length album “Mapping The Moment With The Logic Of Dreams”. I would like to thank to our small but very dedicated team, for all the efforts to create this epic visual journey: Gina Sandulescu, Marius Costache , Claudiu Chihaescu and of course, Crina Cristina Marian! Enjoy! Preorders for this album are already up, as also the complete album streaming HERE.

Conceptually speaking, this album represents the continuation of our debut EP. Sunstone Voyager And The Clandestine Horizon ends with the moment when our main character escapes the whale of illusions and falls into the infinite cosmos. He wants so bad to have the big picture of everything so he floats far, far away through space, until he reaches its limit. Mapping the Moment With The Logic Of Dreams starts with this moment. The character has the complete picture of the entire universe just for one second and then, he gets instantly absorbed into nothingness. Finding himself in that infinite lack of presence, he meets the highest solitude and he starts introspection. The entire album is a very tough introspection and meditation on the relationship between mind, soul and the outside world. The name presents the main conclusion of the album, as it can be easily translated into ‘Live in the present and focus on the unseen.