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Bloodway | Mirror Twins | Official video

This is the new video made for my band, Bloodway. This time, is only about the story. And the story was so important for us that we went 1500 km to reach these locations for filming. I know nowadays everything (or more straight: “success” ?! – what the hell means that?!) is “based” on the way you present things. Even since Academy Of Arts I was told that the way you put it is more important than what you put outhere. Well, I never enjoyed to do this, strangely and mostly when it comes to the most important projects I’ve made. I feel there is totally retard for me to stand and explain “somehow smart” what I did there. Maybe I over consumed my energy for doing it? And each of you has a particular an unique perception of things and in order to reach the core of the information I am transmitting through my channel, you need no influence from my side. Only then is just you and the information, alone, in the infinite chamber of your mind. And only then my information can have a sense. From an Universal relaxed point of view, as long as we are doing things accordingly totally to our hearts and instincts, I guess we don’t need PR AT ALL:)))

Story and video by Costin Chioreanu
Characters: Crina Cristina Marian, Alexandra Victoria Dragu, Ghita Alexandru Adrian
Filmed by Costin Chioreanu, Gina Sandulescu, Ghita Alexandru Adrian
Make up by Gina Sandulescu

“Mirror Twins” is the second single from the album “Mapping The Moment With The Logic Of Dreams”, to be released by I,voidhanger records on 25th of September 2015.

The album will be released as a ltd jewel case CD with 20-page booklet, fully illustrated and complete with lyrics.

Preorders available HERE

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