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Dark Bombastic Evening 7 | poster

This is the poster I created for the new edition of Dark Bombastic Evening from Transylvania.
Everything started with number 7. Historically, this was the equal of perfection for many people. Some interpreted it as a lucky symbol, while others deified it or they simply had an attraction for it. The „dumpster” wherein a big part of the story was embedded depicts the main shape of the Orion constellation that had kind of the same history such as number 7. The main shape of this constellation is marked by seven stars. The story takes place in this space and it is about people who want to touch the stars, about the magic of the music, about quests, discoveries and about rebirth. The rebirth can be cyclic and in perfect harmony with the Universe, just like nature. I do not want to say more about this artwork because one of the reasons of its existence is the urge to search.

 photo DBE7_by_Costin_Chioreanu_zpslny6c6er.jpg