May 22 / admin

Message in a bottle

I am not that kind of guy who is taking advantage of someone’s death, no matter who might be. I also don’t speak with the dead online, as I consider it to be nothing but politics, between us, the still (?) living ones. Whatever. I was working on this cover 3 years ago, I have absolutely no idea if the book really got printed or not, I had no news since delivering the print files. Considering what just happened, I think is normal for the brain to go rapidly to memories which are straight connected with Nick. And I remembered about this collaboration and I searched through my archive and I found this picture….and I need to confess that I found it hilariously weird and powerful at the same time, thinking of today’s context. Because I personally consider death as a passing to a different world somehow this image transmitted me some really positive feelings, being like a message in a bottle lost on the sea of past, somehow meant to be opened today. I hope this image will transmit same light to all the sad fans around the world. In my case it worked. Enjoy your life and praise your passion until the very end …of this episode!

 photo nick menza costin chioreanu_zpshhfsbl8w.jpg