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Warning | Watching from distance | Art poster

People who know me well and will see this…will know instantly what this means for me, as being a super mega fan of this brilliant album. The working process over this piece was a life lesson, not a blank relationship between a deaf client and a blind illustrator. I had such an amazing time and discussions with Patrick Walker and he was so kind to explain me in detail what actually this album and each song really means….as it is, most probably, lyrically speaking, one of the most misunderstood albums from the metal history. I have no words to explain how much this EXPERIENCE means for me. All I can really say…is that…the image you see here reflects very well the true nature of this legendary album…as now…I understood it completely. Thank you Walter Hoeijmakers and Patrick for this amazing journey. This will come with me to the stars!

 photo Warning_watching_From_Distance_Costin_Chioreanu_zpspinfubkj.jpg