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The Iron temple | Live show excerpt

Finally I can share this great memory with all of you! It took a while to get it done, because we want to have also the sound processed as its best and we are super thankful to Marius Costache of Studio148 for the amazing result! We were blessed to play this show in Club Control (actually we couldn’t experience this great opportunity of playing in the best club from Bucharest at this moment concerning PA and live sound facilities without the great Guest), where not many metal bands are playing, so of course we want top thank our booking agent as well for this! To cut it short: you have here 25 minutes of our special show “The Iron Temple”, filmed in 5 cameras. The movie contains 4 songs plus one of the key role interludes (the one recorded exclusively for this event by Carmen Susana Simoes ( Earth Electric, Moonspell ) Carmen, we would like to thank you so much for putting so much passion and your amazing talent into this!!! The show could not be complete without the hard work of Andrei Tudorache, our stage designer, who really made something outstanding for us!!!!!!!!!! the end I would like to thank to the whole technical crew, while mentioning all credits:
Sound by Marius Costache
Filmed by: Andrei Ionut George, Bogdan Pavaloi, Alexandra Dragu & Vlad Bara
VJ : Gina Sandulescu
Stage Design: Andrei Tudorache
Lights: Silviu Badea
FOH: Serban Ilicevici
Edited and Produced by Costin Chioreanu

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