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Einherjer | Dreamstorm | Live video

This live video recording means so much for me (please note this is a live recording, not the official video which was released a while ago for “Dragons Of The North”, even both were filmed during same show). I remained with such amazing memories from Karmøygeddon festival 2016! For me to work this amazing band is inspiring me at so many levels, first of all because is not just a band, is a brotherhood of very cool people and very talented musicians, who really know how to praise friendship, a value almost completely lost in my country. It is such a beautiful experience to share moments with people like them who are true to their music and beliefs and I feel like home when I am going to Haugesund (even more friendly home than…the place I live, just because the amazingly people from there. Well ok, also the landscapes, wild cats and the silence during the night. Ah, yeah, and the home made cider!!!). Einherjer is a great example of how a metal band should be and this video which I filmed together with my dear friend Andrei Ionut it is an amazing proof of the way they sound live in 2016. Check out also their new amazingly talented 20 years old lead guitarist Ole Sønstabø, making some legendary solos in this video. So basically Ole has same age with this song! If your heart is metal, then check out this video, I am sure you gonna love the new version of “Dreamstorm”. \m/ Thank you guys, for all these amazingly adventures over the last years!

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Here is a picture of me together with my friends of Einherjer, in the same place (National Monument, Haugesund, Norway) where the original band photo of “Dragons Of The North” was taken. Who the hell could imagine back in the days I will experience such an honor 20 years later?!

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