Nov 12 / admin

Trees Of Eternity | lyric video

“Hour Of The Nightingale” was a very deep project, no matter it entered my life suddenly, out of nowhere, as totally unexpected. I need to confess that working on artworks and layouts was easier than working on the video, where I needed to be focused on the connection between music and lyrics which is…beyond powerful. While working on the lyric video, there were several moments when I really need to stop and take a big breath in order to gather my powers to continue. I am glad that I could help this release to happen…

Here is few words from Juha:
“Life has truly taken everything away from me, but one thing it can never take away from me, or anyone of us, is music!
Aleah, from today your beautiful spirit, voice and your words are finally being released to the world. I was such a fortunate person to see your magic in work so close, and to write so much music with you. From today I want everyone of you to celebrate, embrace and share her music and the lyrics of such a light and great darkness as far as you can. You always told me that to really understand your true self you need one white and one black wing on your back. How easy it is to hear from your music. Music truly was everything to her and she crafted every single word and a note until they were like a shining diamonds of her soul, a pure blinding light in the dark. When ever she picked up the guitar and started to sing I always knew she could not be from this time and place, not from this world. And she wasn’t. Aleah, thank you for leaving behind your healing voice and words for all of us to embrace. Like a true star you never pushed your self to the front, or said a bad word of anyone. But then again you never needed to, as the time stood still when ever you walked into the room. Now the time stands still forever in your music and words, yet they could not be more alive. I will carry your flame. Love Eternal Nightingale.” – Juha