Nov 15 / admin

Roadburn 2017 project

I am so excited to present you the amazing project I will have for the next Roadburn 🙂 My Dying Bride have been confirmed to play the Roadburn Festival in Holland on Saturday 22nd April 2017.
The set has been deliberately tailored to include all of the Metal songs from Turn Loose The Swans.
There will be a few other older songs too from As The Flower Withers and The Angel and The Dark River, stuff they have not played in a long time so this is going to be special.
Your River
The Songless Bird
The Snow in My Hand
The Crown Of Sympathy
Turn Loose The Swans
In order to deliver a unique visual experience,I will create the screenings for this show. So: tons of work indeed but made with tons of passion, as My Dying Bride is one of my favorite bands ever!!!
If this all wasn’t enough on the drum throne will be tub thumper of all things dark, dismal and downright gloomy Shaun Winter Taylor Steels Esquire.