Nov 18 / admin

This quest just ended

After almost one yer since “The Quest for a Morning Star” was released as physical A5 digipack, I finally could donate all the money received from the label as profit plus the entire sum I got from personal sales of the copies I received. The total was 3250 lei which means 720 euro. I donated all these money just to a single victim of Colectiv tragedy. His name is Pavlos Popovici and he is 16 years old (maybe he already is 17 years old, I do not know). The money will be used for upcoming surgery and treatments. Why I pick just one guy? Because in the last weeks , from time to time I asked here and there trusted people connected to victims to find out who is in more need of money. Sometimes I talked directly with victims, sometimes even I called them, procedures which is not easy, at least for a sensitive guy like me. Yeah, sensitive, is that a crime as well?? Whatever. Always the answer I received was “Thank you, I am covered”, “Thank you, I personally do not need extra money, I am ok”. So, no matter how much I wanted to find another person who would be different from the first list of four people I helped with first round of money , one year ago, I failed. Yeah, maybe I did not searched as much as I needed to, maybe I did a mistake. But hey, how many of you really know how is my real personal life so you can evaluate properly my decision? Hmm? I am sure some of you (mostly romanians because they are born paranoid anyway) will consider my decision is shit. Ok. I am done with my connection with the case Colectiv from today. I had enough of circus on real and virtual life connected to exploitation of this tragedy which turned it into a CASE. Can I say something in the end? Like a personal note? Or that will drag instantly other teachers of life and haters into my facebook messenger, like it did one year ago? What I want to say is simple: You are making a big confusion between POLITICS and REALITY.In rest, I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart to all real people outhere, the (probably) last dinosaurs who really understand what I am , what I do, why I’m doing what I am doing and my way of thinking, which means, in the end they have the same opinion as mine on this matter. To all of you – from dinosaurs to the highest developed to none person from my list: All The Best, take care and enjoy your day. And yeah, do not exploit the dreams of musicians, as when those are pure, you might get like a planetary tornado of bad karma back. Just sayin’. Do not steal from artists! Universe is not sleeping, and you have absolutely no chance to control it.

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