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Black Hole Generator | Moloch | Video

Here is one of the darkest videos I ever made. This is for Black Hole Generator of Bjørnar Erevik Nilsen with whom I have a long-standing working relationship not only in terms of album artwork, but also videos and live performance for Vulture industries. The song is taken from the new release entitled “A Requiem for Terra” which was released on Dark Essence Records last month!

 photo Moloch Black Hole Generator _Costin_Chioreanu_zpsg40ph7ei.jpg

Commenting on the video Nilsen said: “I find the video to be a disturbing piece. Costin Chioreanu has dived into the abyss of our collective consciousness and has emerged with images of our destruction. The joint annihilation of all life. Future generations sacrificed upon the altar of Moloch. A massacre of innocents from beyond the womb in the hope that we will be blessed with earthly pleasures in return”.