Dec 10 / admin

Crippled Black Pheonix | Scared And Alone

No human being can ever get completely free of depression, simply because we can never be completely happy. The root of this sick behaviour pattern is our need to always increase the intensity of our life’s pleasures – regardless of the issue. As long as the pleasures’ intensity doesn’t increase, the subject experiences depression. This story is pretty similar to the story of the drug addicts. This need for pleasure is indeed injected by the same society I was talking about. The society imposed this need to us, and once we get our minds trained to function according to these parameters, it is really difficult to get back to something we totally forgot or we’ve never known it existed. So, the story for “Scared And Alone” is like a complete picture of this whole, an introspection of an entire life from the perspective of a guy who has no escape. I would like to present you the animation movie I made for Crippled Black Pheonix….

The song is taken from the album “Bronze”. Released in November 2016.

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