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Lethe | First Corpse On The Moon

I would like to present you the cover artwork I created for LETHE – “The First Corpse On The Moon”. Is not an easy announcement, as the story behind this cover is really strange. At the end of October 2015 I was working on the sketches for this album…and I remember very well that I was working on this project, this front cover more precisely in that horrible evening of October 30…when in a local club here in Bucharest many of my friends from rock scene died in a horrible fire. And no, this is nto that strange thing. The strange thing is that in that evening the local band Goodbye To Gravity was releasing their second album, entitled “Mantras Of War”…and if you will see that cover, now as you know how almost the entire band (except the vocalist) died …you will understand. The sketch for this piece was finished with 1 hour before the fire, while another piece was in works exactly when the phones started to ring all over….but that one is not published and it was not used for this project. Maybe one day I will show that to you. We will see.

 photo Lethe_Costin_Chioreanu_zps9giy5iat.jpg

Tor-Helge, LETHE’s mastermind, has defined this album a “snapshot in time”. Together with the talented Anna Murphy (Cellar Darling, ex-ELUVEITIE) they paint on “The First Corpse On The Moon” a melancholic, introspective and ethereal musical landscapes ready to be released via My Kingdom Music on February 24th.
The album, mixed by the same Anna Murphy, was mastered by Marco Jencarelli at Soundfarm Studio.
Here is the tracklist:
1. Night – 2. Inexorbitant Future – 3. Down Into The Sun – 4. My Doom – 5. Teaching Birds How To Fly – 6. The First Corpse On The Moon – 7. Snow – 8. Wind To Fire – 9. With You – 10. Exorcism

To end this a great contribution was offered by great special guests such as Eivind Fjøseide (Atrox, Manes) on guitars; Fredy Schnyder (Nucleus Torn, Eluveitie and Triptykon) on piano; Tor Arne Helgesen (ATROX ) and Rune Hoemsnes (MANES) on drums; Asgeir Hatlen (MANES) on vocals; K-Rip on rap voice; Shir-Ran Yinon (ELUVEITIE) on violin; Ivo Henzi (CELLAR DARLING) on additional guitars and a few others.