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Dread Sovereign | For Doom The Bell Tolls

Obviously, this is a continuation of the story presented by the illustration I created a while ago for Dread Sovereign’s LP “All Hell’s Martyrs”. I really enjoyed the crazy idea of using the same “scenery” of previous cover, while changing the story. There are the same 3 characters, just the victim, the vibe and the type of execution differs. So yep, this is the work I did for “For Doom The Bell Tolls”.

1. For Doom The Bell Tolls
2. Twelve Bells Toll In Salem
3. This World Is Doomed
4. Draped In Sepulchral Fog
5. The Spines Of Saturn
6. Live Like An Angel, Die Like A Devil (Venom Cover)

 photo Dread Sovereign Costin Chioreanu 2016VAN_zps4ln9gvho.jpg

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