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Grishjarta to be re-released in early 2017

5 years after it´s release upon mankind and after 5 years of continued requests for a re-print of “Grishjärta”, HAL finally agreed to do it.
Grishjärta was released in 2011 as a signed, large format hardcover edition, followed up by a limited and unsigned paperback version with added poems and illustrations.
Both versions were sold out almost immediately.

While Grishjärta is meant “for the few” we can not ignore the impact that this book has made on the true followers and it should be looked upon in the same light as “Death – Pierce Me” and “Transformalin”.

This third and most likely final edition will be the paperback version with the extra material but this time in the larger hardcover format.
I agreed to add a few more illustrations to this edition, in order to make it stand out as the definite and final solution of the editions issued.

200 copies will be printed and all copies is to be handnumbered and signed “Grishjärta” by Il Capitano; Nattramn.

The funds we raise for this book is meant for next HAL project which will be the largest, grandest and most important thing we will ever do (not counting the departure).

HAL is sending out one more newsletter on December the 31st. Make sure not to miss it.

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