Oct 26 / admin

Bloodway | Prison Paradise | Official Video

I wrote and deleted for many times what I wanted to add here, in order to fit well with this video. It seems that I failed, everytime. Maybe is because of this moment, which is by far the most unfriendly for those who seek (generally speaking). Maybe is to much to write. “Prison paradise” is about remembering about the illusion we are living, about values imposed by society through your parents from the moment you get born, about rules of a double standard archetypal order, about how is to survive as a seeker behind the curtain of masked ignorance, born out of a type of racism nobody talks about. “Prison Paradise” is a song and an art video about the most hidden tabu of human society. This invention, called Eden, got lost in the plan of this prison, but there are people who are still able to read between the lines and to take further the magic of the dream. At the end of the day, if you destroy all the illusions, you might experience what others named “Paradise”. Thank you so much to all the people involved into this amazing project! I love you all!

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