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Emperor | the screenings

Well, this was something huge. For me, to work with Emperor, the Norwegian black metal legend, means by far the highest honor. I am a fan of this band since 1995 and after so many years, this band is still there in my heart, like a flame still burning untouched by time and life. So, this project was indeed something special at all levels and the result had already the worldwide premiere at the Netherlands Death Fest. The task was to create the visuals for four Emperor songs in order to amplify a specific moment of their live show. There were many locations used for filming, some of them not so accessible, there was a lot of work, including the design and creation of a special mask by Shape Concept, but I am very happy with the result, it doesn’t matter that it took me some months to get everything done… I would like in the end to send my highest regards to my entire team for this project: Liviu Gugui , Gina Săndulescu, Andrei Tudorache , Miluţă Flueraş!

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