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The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices | BooCheMish

I am extremely happy of being able to present publicly the result of my work for a project which shows pretty well a new level of expression I could reach, simply because there were no boundaries imposed through the brief received. The title of the album “BooCheMish” comes from the folkloric dance Buchimish, which is an up-tempo dance in 15/16 time signature. So, what I wanted was to express visually this rhythm and time signature in a way that can reach the particular essence of this record. The result is a classic watercolour painting, to which I added only a paper texture. I wish I could have more works like this, because this is really a way of expressing the unseen. The legendary female choir The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices releases its first recordings of new material in 20 years together with the iconic Australian singer Lisa Gerrard on Prophecy Productions. The album “BooCheMish” is out on May 25th, 2018, and can be ordered HERE.

 photo The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voice_zpsdyinvgux.jpg