Aug 16 / admin

The anniversary exhibition at the Dracula Castle

I have never expected such an important invitation, therefore this is beyond everything I could ever imagine. I think that’s kind of the utmost thing to have a full exhibition inside the Dracula’s Castle. As some of you probably know already, in 2018 I celebrate 15 years since I started to create art under the name Twilight13Media. “15 Keys to Secret Chambers” represents one of the means of celebrating, and will be the single event as such in Romania. The art exhibition “15 Keys to Secret Chambers” offers the visitor the chance to see the Bran Castle in new and unpredictable ways. The chambers will imprint a different perspective on the viewer’s mind through the works displayed in order to change the nature of the space. Starting with the 13th of October, the unseen will be celebrated at the Castle and the visitors will be welcome to step through 15 two-dimensional portals which lead to directions chosen by instinct and reason. The 15 key may send the guests to various places which were not seen before and some of them can trap the people there forever. Some say the imagination is the devil’s bridge which leads to the mind, and since we live in an age when we first doubt and then believe (maybe), you are invited to find out the way. The exhibition will be up until the 30th of November.

 photo 15 keys to secret chambers_zpsgug7mtur.jpg