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Art and music to save the wild life

As I repeatedly mentioned it before, my Twilight13Media celebrates its 15th anniversary this year… It’s been 15 years of working in the underground, while focusing everything on the heavy metal music. During these years, the images I have created traveled all over the world, from Europe to America and Asia. I am deeply honoured to know that my artworks illustrated the music of favourite groups such as Voivod, Mayhem, Sigh, Emperor, Ihsahn, Ghost, At the Gates, Lisa Gerrard, Napalm Death, Paradise Lost, Tormentor, Arcturus, Darkthrone and you all know already that the list goes farther. I celebrated this anniversary through special exhibitions such as the Emperor project displayed at Inferno Festival in Oslo, the Tormentor one at the Beyond the Gates in Bergen, the combined operation with Earth Electric, which took me to a couple of places in Spain, while in the old country I brought recently a series of artworks with romantic horror flavour, which is exhibited at the Bran Castle.
Regarding Bucharest, my hometown, the single event which celebrates Twilight13Media there will take place at Absintheria Sixtina, this week, on the 23rd of November. For this one, I plan a party based on the music which animated me throughout these years, a super-diverse mix which stands for dance, boozing, storytelling and all other things required for a dark gathering. I will try to intertwine the best from heavy metal, progressive, goth, punk and post-punk, avant-garde, but expect some escape in the experimental and industrial areas as well.
The anniversary party will happen under the title “Art and music to save the wildlife” and will let the guests return home with a souvenir, because besides music I will bring plenty of art prints, rarities from my portfolio to offer them for sale in order to achieve some benefit fundraising. There’s no surprise that musical subcultures – especially those with which we are connected – emphasize a lot of criticizing when it comes to social mechanisms and there have been so many artists who tried to direct the public’s attentions towards stringent matters such as the ecological aspects. Many of these fellows keep on promoting and spreading messages to influence people so that they show more empathy towards the other beings which inhabit the same planet, no matter whether they are domestic or wild beings. My mission this time is to let people remain with the memory of a night out which contributes at the same time to wildlife rescuing because the gathered funds will be donated to Vets 4 Wild.
Vets 4 Wild was founded in 2012 together with Group Milvus in Târgu-Mureş by veterinaries who were challenged by the urge of actually doing something for the wildlife in Romania, despite the lack of funds. Since then, they have rescued and cured bears, deer, foxes, owls, storks, falcons and any non-human animal which came their way and needed help. They established the single wildlife rescue network available in Romania and are actively involved in the fauna protection and the development of the veterinary medicine in the area. Vets 4 Wild exists only as a non-governmental organization and survives through donations received from various people and entities. That’s why I believe that in this case, people’s interest in visual art can bring a positive outcome for the wildlife. The prints I will bring to Sixtina can be purchased for a minimum donation of 30 lei and all the money gathered will be sent to Vets 4 Wild. So, Friday, I’ll do a party, I’ll bring art prints and hopefully, we will all share a thought for the wildlife.

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