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A new beginning

Last 5 days of my life were pure magical. I forgot about time, about which day is the current one, I went all the way into an amazing creative world. I had a fabulous time at Grindhouse Studios Athens where the dearly beloved alien-talented pyramid top singer Sofia Sarri recorded the vocals for an album which I am doing together with her. Yes, this is first disclosed page of a top-classified file (more information will be posted soon). We couldn’t do anything without our beloved friend, amazing sound engineer, and the solver of everything-you-need-in-this-life-to-make-great-things-to-happen-and-life-to-be-beautiful, George Bokos . Really, it was beyond amazing experience, by all means, at all levels and these 2 amazing entities succeed, by their talent, dedication, friendship and open hearts to re-assemble and put again in function a Frankenstein turned to pieces which I was before landing to Athens. For me, this is a new beginning, by all means!

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 photo grindhouse studios_zpsi6nabcu5.jpg

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