Jan 18 / admin

Soen | Lotus | Animation

This is already my second video premiere for 2019. After the one made for At The Gates, today I present you my work for Soen, which is a full animation video. I wrote some lines a while ago about it:

There might come a time when you feel the emptiness of a life based on the society’s game and its stake. You might come to a day when you realize that you are actually alone, although surrounded by victims of your madness, including even yourself. You might discover that during the unfolding of your obsession to haunt illusions, the room where you spend your daily life becomes empty; despite that it is filled with letters, pictures and various objects left by those who were someday around. There is no future and no past, so if you turn your soul towards those around you during this continuum present, perhaps you will never live the days I am talking about.

But you know, is just an advice, I am good at giving advice to others, but that doesn’t mean I reached that level. Still, this is the video about. I hope one day I will learn the lesson.

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