TWILIGHT 13 MEDIA does NOT obey its clients.
If you want to work with my design studio you must respect my way of collaboration. I expect you to come here looking for a high-level designer, focused in metal music , with years of experience and not a slave. Come here only if you want something original, high qualitative, in direct connection with your music. That means you must open your heart and understand that I will always offer the best arts and I have zero interest in doing something in vain, just to take some money. Money are not the most important thing in this life, and you must understand that every art I’m doing contains a piece of my soul. If not, the result will interfere with my own existence as an artist and my high purpose, and that is not acceptable.

Sometimes clients are rejected or refused. If you will be one of those, you must understand that I took the best decision – for the sake of both of us – avoiding to force 2 opposite minds working together. Try to understand this is not some personal way of “being cool”, it’s better for both of us to keep our roads separately. And maybe I have this sense better developed than others.

I am not another idiotic metalhead trying to make his living from some stupid drawings inspired from other idiotic – commercial oriented – imposed trends of the metal / punk / electro / alternative/ rock scenes. During the last 9 years I’ve done all the possible jobs that are actually forming this rock-oriented “economy” to function. From usual runner, photographer, stagehands, catering, to stage manager, and image director for open air festivals. Working all this time with big booking agencies around and abroad, had a huge impact over my knowledge regarding how this business works.

So, try to understand that my advice is a competent one, and the artworks I made are the result of more than simple senseless “imagery” or useless copycats, things that you can usually find in so many other places, at so many other artists.

Thank you.