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Paradise Lost | the 30th anniversary art poster

I did this for the 30th anniversary of Paradise Lost! Surprisingly, they have never, ever played in their home-town of Halifax before, and given that the band celebrates 30 years of existence, they decided to do a special intimate show in the band’s birth place, at a relevantly new venue. They started out in West Yorkshire and so, it makes a lot of sense to celebrate such an important milestone back there. I feel deeply honored for being hired to create the visual part of this historical moment.

 photo paradise lost 30th anniversary_zpsgctkg9bn.jpg

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At the Gates | Daggers of Black Haze | video

Being aware of the heavy topic in the song “Daggers of Black Haze” I realized that making a video for it represents a mandatory mission for the art, in general. Speaking today of the way how the ruling class guided the evolution in art and the perception upon it, the weight of the history, which is deeply buried in the artefacts’ structures and ideologies, I take this song and the means of illustrating it as a pure and genuine artistic attitude. In the course of time, an imposed perception projected through the manipulation of the art by those holding the power, took the shape of an idol in the viewers’ eyes, it became their main light, the source of the imaginary, artistic beliefs and patterns. The presence of the main character depicted on the newest At the Gates cover and artwork – Alcyoneus, the oldest hero among the giant warriors – is here as well. His bust was rebuilt for this video, but it got a new face. Now his mouth is closed and therefore, he is reduced to silence due to the new paradigms and the oppression’s influence in art. Yet, this character continues to defy the primitive human nature. The snake’s symbol and the eternal temptation offered by the bestial side of the self are also present here, and they work hand in hand with the new Alcyoneus’ image. The video goes fast through different moments in the history, including the perception of art and human nature, and it employs a heavy, almost funeral type of visual tone. This time I have also decided to base all my work on a pretty sharp type of image, as sharp as the blade of the daggers. Regarding imagery, there is darkness, heaviness, hate and anger,which accede to death, primordial co-habitation and they are all enshroud with an almost political type of solemnity. The revolutionary spirit emerges through the mere existence of this video per se. At some points, short scenes depicting nature come as an invitation to a philosophic reflection on the monumental character of the art required by politics. This is how I felt this song, its lyrics and all the explanations provided by Tomas for this particular tune.

I want to thank Claudiu Chihăescu for building the new Alcyoneus, Gina Săndulescu for helping me with so many things, Alexandru Gheorghiu for his ultra-professional help with the amazing snake and of course, Andrei Tudorache and Corina Pană for the amazing acting. Thank you all for being part of the history and this artistic manifest.

 photo daggers of black haze_zpsxuyxnake.jpg

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Arch Enemy | 1996-2017 | unboxing

The huge complexity which this project required in terms of layout and other technical aspects can be seen in this unboxing video presenting the boxed set released by Arch Enemy via Century Media. I was happy to see it done and I believe it turned out amazing!

Apr 14 / admin

Beyond the Gates | poster artwork

This is the artwork which marks the beginning of the collaboration with the Beyond the Gates festival team. I’ll see you in Bergen!

 photo beyond the gates_zpsznofkden.jpg

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At the Gates | Listening session at Roadburn

“To Drink From the Night Itself”, the latest album of At the Gates was presented as a premiere during the Roadburn festival, on the 20th of April. Being part of this, since I created the cover artwork, the booklet illustration and videos for two singles, I had the privilege to be together with Tomas Lindberg during the listening session, which took place in the basement bar of 013.

 photo roadburn atg listening session_zpszrxooyfi.jpg

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Roadburn 2018 | the art posters

The image below was created for the 2018’s Roadburn edition, as a manifestation of the great feeling of being part of the festival’s team for so many years. This was presented as an A2-sized top quality print and was part of the official merchandise line, therefore the same design was printed on some clothing items.

 photo roadburn 2018_zpsnebdj1rf.jpg

In addition, I chose to illustrate the announcement of some performances taking place at the 2018 edition, like I do each year.

 photo Godspeed You Black Emperor Costin Chioreanu_zps6ojlkfat.jpg
 photo Poster Costin Chioreanu_zpstxo9h0t8.jpg
 photo roadburn 2018 waste of space_zpsew13lqsu.jpg
 photo roadburn 2018 igorr_zpst7v7z6oz.jpg

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The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices | BooCheMish

I am extremely happy of being able to present publicly the result of my work for a project which shows pretty well a new level of expression I could reach, simply because there were no boundaries imposed through the brief received. The title of the album “BooCheMish” comes from the folkloric dance Buchimish, which is an up-tempo dance in 15/16 time signature. So, what I wanted was to express visually this rhythm and time signature in a way that can reach the particular essence of this record. The result is a classic watercolour painting, to which I added only a paper texture. I wish I could have more works like this, because this is really a way of expressing the unseen. The legendary female choir The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices releases its first recordings of new material in 20 years together with the iconic Australian singer Lisa Gerrard on Prophecy Productions. The album “BooCheMish” is out on May 25th, 2018, and can be ordered HERE.

 photo The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voice_zpsdyinvgux.jpg

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A twilight vision on Anthems (Emperor) | the works

Below you will find all the art pieces which were displayed during the exhibition “A Twilight Vision on Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk” inspired by the sophomore album by Norwegian legend Emperor in terms of concept and atmosphere. These works were showcased at the Inferno festival, 2018’s edition, in Oslo.

Alsvartr (The Oath) photo 1. Alsvartr The Oath_zpshtbf0sgr.jpg
 photo 2. Ye Entrancemperium_zpsjo3w5dik.jpg
 photo 3. Thus Spake the Nightspirit_zpsbw0ti9k8.jpg
 photo 4. Ensorcelled by Khaos_zpsr0cls7zy.jpg
 photo 5. The Loss and Curse of Reverence_zpsmtaje1wg.jpg
 photo 6. The Acclamation of Bonds_zpsaumkwk3d.jpg
With Strength I Burn photo 7. With Strength I Burn_zpsqzmxiqkx.jpg
 photo 8. The Wanderer_zpskuv4wpes.jpg

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Primordial | video interview

Together with Miluţă Flueraş, I filmed an interview with Alan Averill, who explains the concept and the lyrical ideas behind each song included on the new album, “Exile Amongst The Ruins”. I have also edited the video material and sound. This was a real pleasure given that Alan’s take was really interesting and involved no idle talk.

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At the Gates | A Stare Bound in Stone | video

I take this video I’ve done for At the Gates as being my best video work so far. Everything is based on actual footage, so there are no special effects, but pure insanity and dynamics.