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Bloodway | Prison Paradise | Official Video

I wrote and deleted for many times what I wanted to add here, in order to fit well with this video. It seems that I failed, everytime. Maybe is because of this moment, which is by far the most unfriendly for those who seek (generally speaking). Maybe is to much to write. “Prison paradise” is about remembering about the illusion we are living, about values imposed by society through your parents from the moment you get born, about rules of a double standard archetypal order, about how is to survive as a seeker behind the curtain of masked ignorance, born out of a type of racism nobody talks about. “Prison Paradise” is a song and an art video about the most hidden tabu of human society. This invention, called Eden, got lost in the plan of this prison, but there are people who are still able to read between the lines and to take further the magic of the dream. At the end of the day, if you destroy all the illusions, you might experience what others named “Paradise”. Thank you so much to all the people involved into this amazing project! I love you all!

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Corrupt | Backstab | Front cover

Look my dear friend, there is some hope in your head. Enjoy it while I steal everything from inside you. People are watching, act like a real friend, let’s not make a scene. This is the story of this cover I made for Corrupt, a French metal band. Yeah, the album is entitled “Backstab”. For those who experienced the emotional blackmail.

 photo 46. Corrupt - Backstab_zpsvtkoxdko.jpg

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The logo I did for HALLATAR (members of Amorphis, Swallow The Sun, Him) illustrates the beautiful crafted gold foil-stamped Velvet version of their debut vinyl. White Velvet vinyl has been sold out for some time now, so if you want one the remaining ones of the Black Velvet vinyl act fast as they are limited only to 300 copies.
If you order from Svart Records you will also get the album download link instantly! CLICK HERE.

 photo 22792314_2411096075781681_5060836082297467121_o_zpsjer5pliz.jpg

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Aura Noir in US tour | Merchandise design

I am happy to be informed that Aura Noir merch is selling fast ! (2 out of 3 designs made by me) – Check em out in the North American Tour!

 photo Aura Noir Us merch_zps4n27np85.jpg

 photo aura noir us tour merch white_zpsvo4yyjkw.jpg

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Twilight Visions Over Athens | Documentary

Finally!! Here is the documentary about my exhibition in Greece! 13 minutes of compressed life! EnjoY! Thanx again so much George Bokos , Vassilis Bokos , Underflow Record Store & Art Gallery Gina Sandulescu and of course all of these great people attending at the event and also sharing their thoughts in the interviews! This was an amazing experience!

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Wacken Open Air | Merchandise project

This was a surprising project this year and I really think the result is pretty nice. This is the merchandise line I designed for WOA 2017/2018. Enjoy!
These are available HERE.

 photo 18. Wacken Open Air 2018_zps0ckq0kps.jpg

 photo Wacken 2017 costin chioreanu merch_zpsuy0sv4bn.jpg

 photo Wacken Open Air Costin Chioreanu_zps7htxp9z9.jpg

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Sarke | Lyric videos

I am super excited to present you my first project for SARKE (for those who do not know yet is the Norwegian band featuring Nocturno Culto on vocals)! So, this is the lyric video I made for their brand new single. SARKE will drop their fifth full-lenght “Viige Urh” on October 13! The first snippet of the upcoming album is available today – as their first single “Dagger Entombed” is out now!
SARKE says: “‘Dagger Entombed’ will be the first taste from our new album “Viige Urh”. This track has a thumb up guarantee. True spirit of metal, dark and heavy.
‘Viige Urh’ is on fire and it will be on fire for a long time. We feel we have taken SARKE up to a new level. With the songwriting, the sound and the heaviness of the album.”
Pre-order physical
Pre-order digital
Stream/download “Dagger Entombed”

This is the second lyric video I made for SARKE new album ‘Viige Uhr’. “Jutul” is a very special song featuring also female vocals (!!) The beautiful guest vocals on this track are sung by Lena Fløitmoen.
Stream ‘Jutul’
Pre-order physical

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Godspeed You! Black Emperor exclusive art poster

This is the craziest piece I made for Roadburn festival so far, a poster to celebrate the Godspeed You! Black Emperor exclusive show. This is a mix media piece, a collage made over watercolor painting. Enjoy!

 photo Godspeed You Black Emperor Costin Chioreanu_zps6ojlkfat.jpg

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Thank you Athens!

Thank you so much Athens, “The Twilight Visions” is the greatest success to date by all means. Thank you so much to all of you attending, exchanging ideas, perspectives, passions at this event with me…a big thank you goes to all the members of various bands attending to both exhibition and listening session!! thank you so much George Bokos for being the best organizer i worked with to date and of course Vassilis and his amazing crew and venue!!!

 photo Costin Chioreanu Twilight visions_zpsevbtuxjl.jpg

 photo costin chioreanu_zpsiolv7uao.jpg

 photo exhibition_zps7hwdm4ww.jpg

This was my very first public exhibition in Greece! After so many years of working with Greek bands, I was invited by George Bokos of Grindhouse Studios Athens (http\://grindhousestudiosathens.com/) and the result and his implication was mind-blowing. This will be a start for a very long friendship :D. Thank you so much to all people attending, for all the great feedback and exchange of ideas. Thank you so much Vassilios Filippakopoulos for his wide open heart and amazing venue and crew…I am speechless! I dedicate this event in the memory of my grand-grand mother, who was a Greek woman.

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The Day | Official video of memories

This is a very personal video I made out of a bunch of pictures taken in that magic place from the country side, where I spend half of my childhood. The pictures made between 2007 and 2017. All the animals featured in this video are gone now….except the horse. Time passing makes no exceptions. The song is the opening one of the soundtrack which was released by Svart records in April this year, as a de-luxe gatefold vinyl with 8 booklet pages. More info in the description of the video.