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Tales Of The Wind | the statement

Friday, the 22nd of March was very special to me. The worldwide premiere of my new exhibition project, entitled “Tales Of The Wind”, which consists in several exclusive pieces, truly inspired by the music and lyrics of Earth Electric, took place at Galia Metal Fest. This was my visual statement at many levels…

 photo Statement_zpsolz11a2f.jpg

Mar 20 / admin

Cerebrum | Iridium

This is the illustration (a mixed-media technique based on a pencil drawing) I did for this amazing Greek band named Cerebrum. Check the first sample song from this record HERE. Enjoy!

 photo Cerebrum costin chioreanu_zps3zwgstnx.jpg

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Drauggard | Immer Werden

I heard some people complaining about the fact that I still work with underground bands. Really? Is that a standard or what? Imposed by whom and why? I mean, as long as the music is great, is it not the duty of a designer to give everything at maximum for any talented musician coming at the door or what? Or, shall we get drunk in the ocean of self-importance and never get out of that irresistible holographic paradise? Get a life first, before judging others. Or maybe even better, wake up first. This is the cover I created for the new Drauggard (Russia) record, entitled “Immer Werden”. The title can be translated as “forever be”… So the main concept of the album goes around this theme, a coil of human destinies which is continuously revolving, so the future comes at every single instant of time. I guess it sounds as interesting as the music, which is perfect for exciting a creative mind.

 photo Drauggard Immer Werden_zpswz9q1v3n.jpg

Mar 16 / admin

The Emperor exhibition at Inferno Festival 2018

The grand opening of the exhibition based on “Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk” took place on Wednesday, March 28th 2018, 17:00-18:00, at Scandic st. Olavs Plass, Oslo, and was hosted by the almighty Inferno Festival, Norway.

 photo 29214826_2362430327115946_2042459497057875991_n_zpskddeqqd8.jpg

Mar 15 / admin

Album of The Year | Perihelion

I am glad to see that great music is properly supported by the press. So, Perihelion, some old clients of mine, got awarded with “Album Of The Year” in Hungary. Congrats! I did the front cover for this masterpiece.

 photo prihelion_zpstxkiyayv.jpg

Mar 14 / admin

At The Gates | A short documentary

This is a short documentary I made with At The Gates on the road. I was beyond excited to be a part of this! Enjoy!

Mar 13 / admin

Primordial | A war tale | video

I am happy to present you the third official video I’ve done for a song taken from the new Primordial album, which was, at the same time the second video filmed entirely in Ireland. Each was totally different at many levels and this one is mostly like a short film. I need to confess that working on editing for this one was a very powerful experience as the combination between image and music was pretty heavy. I would like to thank once again to Miluţă Flueraş for his help and additional filming and of course, to almighty Dave Swift for his amazing help, professionalism and passion! Without Dave this video would have never existed. Don’t forget, this is a simple story. A soldier’s fate, something which happened around the world many times and will continue to do so. It is set in Ireland about 100 years ago. Nothing more and nothing less. They are the Ghosts. We are the Ruins.

Here is a picture of us from the filming session. Thank you for the picture, Miluţă Flueraş!

 photo primordial guns_zpsel6udau8.jpg

Mar 12 / admin

At The Gates | merchandise design

This is the first T-shirt design I made for At The Gates in 2018. The design was printed only on a limited round of shirts which were available at their first three shows held in March.

 photo 29060182_2356166251075687_1337780678327879734_o_zpsdspy3yjf.jpg

Mar 10 / admin

Emperor | the screenings

Well, this was something huge. For me, to work with Emperor, the Norwegian black metal legend, means by far the highest honor. I am a fan of this band since 1995 and after so many years, this band is still there in my heart, like a flame still burning untouched by time and life. So, this project was indeed something special at all levels and the result had already the worldwide premiere at the Netherlands Death Fest. The task was to create the visuals for four Emperor songs in order to amplify a specific moment of their live show. There were many locations used for filming, some of them not so accessible, there was a lot of work, including the design and creation of a special mask by Shape Concept, but I am very happy with the result, it doesn’t matter that it took me some months to get everything done… I would like in the end to send my highest regards to my entire team for this project: Liviu Gugui , Gina Săndulescu, Andrei Tudorache , Miluţă Flueraş!

 photo 28616877_2352569924768653_1673426076627004116_o_zpsmqajvi0u.jpg

 photo 28618902_2352569738102005_7958965414788588978_o_zpskfo4mwbb.jpg

 photo 28619257_2352569661435346_7212794243484478382_o_zpszyflcops.jpg

 photo 28698804_2352569464768699_5274042082089643028_o_zpsgsb4zbkv.jpg

 photo 28698692_2352569881435324_245372327759492144_o_zpsbi0vlups.jpg

 photo 28951574_2352569334768712_5042309970528360700_n_zpssuj7z1tl.jpg

Mar 9 / admin

Hexvessel | art poster

This is a special illustration I did for a very special Hexvessel show. The task was to go back in time concerning the illustration type, more precisely in the age of the Austrian touristic posters of the 20’s.

 photo 28950875_2351056698253309_65098442966812490_n_zpszs4t9t5r.jpg