Aug 16 / admin

The anniversary exhibition at the Dracula Castle

I have never expected such an important invitation, therefore this is beyond everything I could ever imagine. I think that’s kind of the utmost thing to have a full exhibition inside the Dracula’s Castle. As some of you probably know already, in 2018 I celebrate 15 years since I started to create art under the name Twilight13Media. “15 Keys to Secret Chambers” represents one of the means of celebrating, and will be the single event as such in Romania. The art exhibition “15 Keys to Secret Chambers” offers the visitor the chance to see the Bran Castle in new and unpredictable ways. The chambers will imprint a different perspective on the viewer’s mind through the works displayed in order to change the nature of the space. Starting with the 13th of October, the unseen will be celebrated at the Castle and the visitors will be welcome to step through 15 two-dimensional portals which lead to directions chosen by instinct and reason. The 15 key may send the guests to various places which were not seen before and some of them can trap the people there forever. Some say the imagination is the devil’s bridge which leads to the mind, and since we live in an age when we first doubt and then believe (maybe), you are invited to find out the way. The exhibition will be up until the 30th of November.

 photo 15 keys to secret chambers_zpsgug7mtur.jpg

May 15 / admin

Carach Angrene | poster

This design announces the upcoming North American tour of Carach Angrene. It will be massive!

carach angrene

May 14 / admin

The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices | booklet illustration

Here is the second painting I’ve done for the collaborative album created by the legendary female choir The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices and the iconic Australian singer Lisa Gerrard and released at Prophecy Productions. This is available just as you see it, an art print which comes together with the front cover in the deluxe edition. The album “BooCheeMish” went out on May 25, 2018.

The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voice - garden

May 9 / admin

At the Gates | bonus LP cover

I painted this for the front cover of a very special At The Gates bonus LP containing the five additional bonus tracks from the latest album, while the B-side features an etching. This vinyl is available only in the boxed edition of the album, which is strictly limited to 2000 copies worldwide.

 photo atg bonus lp_zpslgmzhz8d.jpg

May 8 / admin

Napalm Death | Standardization | video

I am very happy to present you the new video I made for Napalm Death. This time, the animations were intertwined with the live footage which Gina and I filmed at their great performance during the Inferno Metal Festival, Norway, 2018. Thanks again to almighty Runar Pettersen for all the great help he provided in order to get this done properly!

May 7 / admin

On the Emperor artworks via TheMoshpitManiacs

I want to thank the guys of The Moshpit Maniacs for interviewing me regarding the exhibition revolving around the Emperor’s second album, which took place at Inferno, the 2018 edition. Here you have all the information from behind the black curtain. It’s basically the story of I got to do this, which turned to be a mind-blowing mode of celebrating 15 years of working with metal bands from all over the world. CLICK to read the interview!

May 7 / admin

Scandal | poster

This poster announced the 20th anniversary of the Romanian street punk legend Scandal.

 photo scandal_zpsab7i9x1h.jpg

May 4 / admin

… And Justice for Art | book cover

It’s an honor to present you the cover for the brand new, upcoming book “… And Justice For Art—Volume 2”. I wrote also the afterword for this art book, while the foreword was written by the almighty Max Cavalera. The book will be available as a result of a crowdfunding campaign.

 photo and justice for art_zpsx4oqbrmb.jpg

May 4 / admin

Bloodway feat. Mat (Khvost) | animated video

We celebrated our great collaboration with Mr. Mat “Khvost” McNerney (Grave Pleasures, Hexvessel, ex-Dødheimsgard) by releasing a video, which I have created and animated. This is the title song (and the closing one) from our latest album “A Fragile Riddle Crypting Clues”, released by I, Voidhanger Records. Lyrically speaking, the song is the key of understanding the whole album, so you have the lyrics included in the description.

May 3 / admin

An interview for Programata

I was invited to answer some nice and particular questions by Programata, a Bulgarian zine which comes as both print and online format. Those who purchased this issue had a surprise inside, namely a postcard with one of my illustration. Read it HERE!