Aug 16 / admin

The anniversary exhibition at the Dracula Castle

I have never expected such an important invitation, therefore this is beyond everything I could ever imagine. I think that’s kind of the utmost thing to have a full exhibition inside the Dracula’s Castle. As some of you probably know already, in 2018 I celebrate 15 years since I started to create art under the name Twilight13Media. “15 Keys to Secret Chambers” represents one of the means of celebrating, and will be the single event as such in Romania. The art exhibition “15 Keys to Secret Chambers” offers the visitor the chance to see the Bran Castle in new and unpredictable ways. The chambers will imprint a different perspective on the viewer’s mind through the works displayed in order to change the nature of the space. Starting with the 13th of October, the unseen will be celebrated at the Castle and the visitors will be welcome to step through 15 two-dimensional portals which lead to directions chosen by instinct and reason. The 15 key may send the guests to various places which were not seen before and some of them can trap the people there forever. Some say the imagination is the devil’s bridge which leads to the mind, and since we live in an age when we first doubt and then believe (maybe), you are invited to find out the way. The exhibition will be up until the 30th of November.

 photo 15 keys to secret chambers_zpsgug7mtur.jpg

Jun 1 / admin

MOTOROWL | Atlas | animated video

MOTOROWL is a young and very talented band, which got signed by Century Media and released a killer album this year. I enjoyed so much the song which I illustrated, but also the entire album.

Here’s the poster announcing the video premiere.

 photo motorowl atlas_zpsbnm8uz3i.jpg

May 30 / admin

A special illustration

I made this piece at the request of a very special person. I named it “Moment of the day”.

 photo moment of the day_zpsaerml46c.jpg

May 27 / admin

A couple of my works available at Galleri Fjalar

Kristian “Gaahl” Espedal, an artist and musician whom I truly respect, has recently opened his art gallery in Bergen, “Galleri Fjalar”. I feel really honored to know that Kristian enjoys my works and that included some of them (the art book, my music and a couple of Emperor art posters) among the selling items in the gallery shop. The gallery opened with a special exhibition where Kristian paid homage to Bergen Pride week, The Rainbow Days, which included a performance by Lindy-Fay Hella (Wardruna) and friends.

 photo items_zps3edfw4jb.jpg

May 24 / admin

Marilyn Manson | poster

This artwork was done a while ago to announce a Marilyn Manson concert in Chicago, at the request of the artist’s management and not the local promoter. It was screen-printed in a limited edition of 200 pieces and went sold-out in the night of the concert.

 photo marilyn manson_zpssy1jjdqd.jpg

May 23 / admin

Enslaved | poster

I got again on board of the Enslaved’s Viking ship and I designed the following poster. It is an interpretation of the “Hordanes Land” cover, the debut EP of the Norwegian band, which doesn’t go too far from the original.

 photo Enslaved tour_zpsziidawcm.jpg

May 22 / admin

Ghost | merchandise design

“Frankenstar” is the title of this illustration, which is obviously a tribute to Frankenstein and comes as a merchandise design (T-shirt) for Ghost. It got sold out pretty fast on the band’s website, but it remained available on EMP.

 photo ghost_zpscatoxghr.jpg

May 22 / admin

Hell’s Bushes and the mystery explained

Because many asked me about the meaning of the lyrics heard in the Buşagu Nagdi project, I decided to make a note, which you can read HERE. So, besides the release in full available on YouTube, there are all the lyrics translated to English. We will let you create your own interpretation, only that now you have all the necessary hints and some explanations as well. A million thanks goes to Zorra Cimitirescu for all this sick translation work. Now, enjoy!

May 21 / admin

Primordial | Exile Amongst The Ruins poster

The A1-sized poster featuring the image below is to be found together with each version of the vinyl edition for Primordial’s record “Exile Amongst the Ruins“. The poster is based on a photograph I took last year in Athens.

 photo primordial - exile amongst the ruins_zpsnz1vu3ds.jpg

May 18 / admin

At the Gates | art print

This painting is part of the latest At the Gates record, “To Drink From The Night Itself” and is available as you see it here in the form of an art print, included in the limited edition box set among other three pieces.

 photo At the Gates art print_zpsfbiyzsek.jpg

The whole project took months in order to reach the final result, which you can see in this unboxing video, where Tomas shares great words regarding my work. The Century Media team took good care of all the possible fine tuning for this one and ensured the perfect means for the production.