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There Is A Place Called Home

“There Is A Place Called Home” represents my comeback regarding an artistic endeavor which I started to develop in 2003. Since 2012, I had not been expressing my personal views in the manner which combines my music with my exhibited visual work. There was a single exception in 2013, called “Outside The Great Circle”, but that was an animation film, not an exhibition. So, after many exhibitions related only to the work that I crafted for metal and rock bands from all over the world, I have decided to get back to my personal themes and creative intimacy.
Concerning the theme, “There is A Place Called Home” relates to my childhood spent in a very beautiful place, a place where I experienced the first magical moments, a place where I learned how to praise the nature and to live in the rhythm of it, a place where I discovered the first black metal records, a place where everything started for me in this life in terms of spiritual level.
I am not a person who lives in the past. I rather fight with myself to stay rooted in the present, so I would like to introduce this series of works as a collection of my strongest memories from my childhood. One of the reasons why I have decided to take this trip back in time, by using the skills I have at present, was the feeling of being lost in a world which is too much focused on anger and aggression, on materialism and primal senses. So I went back there, to take some energy from that fountain of sense in order to be able to step further once again.
For the first time in my career, I will not disclose any work before the premiere, so now I am publishing only the poster of this event, which is based on a detail from one of the pieces.

 photo There Is A Place Called Home _ Costin Chioreanu_zpstml9ocoj.jpg