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Memories from a magic place

Thanx to my fucked up life I needed 3 days to be able to write something about what happened at DBE Festival in Transylvania. This is how it goes when you need to start working in first 5 minutes when you reach home. Whatever, my new exhibition, combining visuals with music and entitled “There Is A Place Called Home” was, at all points, my biggest success to date. From the number of attenders to the fact that I sold literally even the informational posters from the walls, that was totally mind-blowing. I never expect such an experience. I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart to Catalin Doru, Daiana Krida and all the fantastic DBE crew/family for their friendship, support and respect for my work. I would like to thank to all the bands coming to visit my exhibition, to all attenders in general, and of course, to my fantastic A Team: Vulpea, Liviu, Dopu, Cristos, Pisica, Coro and all the cool people around – you know who you are! Amazing, thank you so much! 🙂 I do not have time to write any reviews concerning the musical side of the festival, so I will be really short: Hamferð , Virus, Jess and the Ancient Ones and Throes of dawn were killing it! \m/

Here are some memories from there.

 photo TIAPCH 01_zpsdjie66nx.jpg

 photo TIAPCH 02_zpsefreboyr.jpg

 photo TIAPCH 03_zpse37j3evd.jpg

 photo TIAPCH 04_zpsl2arpksp.jpg

 photo TIAPCH 06_zpsca98e9ge.jpg

 photo TIAPCH 05_zpsv9ziey5n.jpg

 photo TIAPCH 07_zpsry20qp9h.jpg