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Tales Of The Wind

The air movement reminds us that there is much more to see in this world than we actually see. It is the invisible force which set everything in motion: clouds, trees, dust, water, our thoughts and memories.

Once you start listening carefully to the stories of the wind you begin to understand that it carries on all the information from this planet and beyond and it helps us connect with all the realms around us, both seen and unseen.

“Tales Of The Wind” is a new exhibition project by Costin Chioreanu, which is inspired by the music and the lyrical concept of the band Earth Electric. This exclusive selection of artworks shows to the viewer a totally different perspective of the seen world, by pushing the unseen wind and air as the main visual element, while the beings which interact with it are reduced to shapes and containers.

This time, there will be a travelling exhibition going together with the band’s concerts for some selected dates in Spain.

 photo Tales_Of_The_Wind_Costin_Chioreanu_zpskb7lrxos.jpg

Just listen to some Earth Electric to get into the right mood.