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The most insane band | Busagu Nagdi

I told you a while ago that I was doing something which I should have not, due to the chaotic rhythm of my life. I’ll try to cut it short, given that the existence, life or their meanings don’t bear a valid explanation, and I don’t know why I would waste my time explaining something which came perhaps as a spontaneous thing.
Last week, a very close friend celebrated his birthday. One week before, Liviu , Gina and I thought to spring a surprise on him. Instead of buying him an object which anyone can have, we decided to make something special, a pretty crazy album filled with jokes and stuff that we enjoy anytime we meet. First, we transformed into different characters in order the mix ourselves with the hallucinating vibe of the story. I became Atarax Raliü (the surname is a deviation of the word rally), Liviu took the name Savu cu Două Capete (the two-headed Savu) and Gina became Zorra Cimitirescu (here the surname is a deviation of the word cemetery). We started to work, each of us did what knew better and so we made the project Buşagu Nagdi – “Halucinaţii Feroviare” (the project’s name is a sort of Romanian regionalism which I’ll not explain now, while the disc is entitled “Railway Hallucinations ”). The whole material was written and recorded during a couple of days. We all had terrible fun doing this. Our friend was impressed by such an intense gift and he suggested that we should publish the music online. He said that this type of music is a must in our world and there will surely be people getting its point, who will enjoy tasting the madness. So now, after his birthday, here we have the complete release as digital version.
I am pretty glad that after 21 years since I made the first demo together with Liviu, we managed to do some full material again. I didn’t laugh and enjoy that much since I was a child.

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One day after we released this on Bandcamp, we found this description written by the record label Blood & Fire:
«Here’s some madness plus some reflective music, it’s like the cause and the effect. As we already informed you, Bușagu Nagdi is the latest musical project of Costin Chioreanu made with some of his friends and based on a comic approach of a modern grindcore deviation, which might be linked by some with The Locust craziness. “There is a Place Called Home” is an instrumental piece aiming to reflect childhood memories and some bucolic magic, which he created a while ago. Both discs are now available in a special jewel-case package limited to 50 pieces worldwide. Act fast if you want to explore!»