Mar 17 / admin

Drauggard | Immer Werden

I heard some people complaining about why I am still working with underground bands. Really? Is that a standard or what? Imposed by whom and why? I mean as long as the music is great, is not the duty of a designer to give everything at maximum to any talented musician coming at the door or what? Or we shall get drunk in the ocean of self-importance and never get out of that irresistible holographic paradise? Get a life first, before judging others. Or maybe even better, wake up first. So, this is the cover I created for the new Drauggard (Russia) record, entitled “Immer Werden”. The title can be translated as “forever be”…so the main concept of the album is around this theme -A coil of human destinies that is continuously revolving so future becomes at every single instant of time. I guess sounds as interesting as the music, perfect to excite creative mind.

 photo Drauggard Immer Werden_zpswz9q1v3n.jpg